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  1. Sorry if my posting this morning upset anybody. Didnt realise my excitement about seeing a snaw flake would be such a problem.. Thats me signing off for now.
  2. Strap ya selves in and hold on tight.. its gone dark here and ive got my layer of slush....😂😂😂😂😂😂
  3. And stopped again...😂😂😂 at this rate i may get some slush by 2022..😂😂
  4. Just had shower of snaw 😂😂😂 30 seconds of snaw...
  5. Thought i saw a splodge of snaw on my skylight just now but nope it was bird poop 💩 just very heavy rain and blowing a gale. I see rumblings of a BFTE on the model thread.. im going back to the 2018 thread to see what happened to Ellon that week....
  6. Nothing here at all... i have noticed a small patch of precipitation moving down from the North. Probably just be rain and im not waiting up to find out.. night guys and girls from the snaw desert that is the North East.
  7. Everything outside is 🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁 WET...😂😂😂😂
  8. @Mr Frost im trying hardest to make it happen.. Cant stand this marginal nonsense anymore.
  9. Dead cert snawed in by the morning then..😂😂😂😂
  10. They have tablets to help with some of the work we set them but they also have a lot of written work and we also use documentaries for them to watch and then set work around those.. its not easy by any means and i certainly wouldn't want to do it for employment..😂😂
  11. We home educate and have done now since November/December 2019 so nothing has really changed here for us.. the kids do a 3 day week, we have a school routine with break times and lunch time etc. Im not claiming that its easy because its anything but that. They moan about stuff just like all kids i guess, a quick "would you behave like that at school" and the threat of technology removal does the trick.. we even make them hand in the mobiles before school starts..😂😂😂
  12. As expected wet not white here. Good to see so many getting the goodies. If i cant have my own snaw then photo's of others snaw will have to do.
  13. I have the final say as im the driver in the household and when she finds something thats below 100m i just say, "been threw that place before. S##t hole" 😂😂😂😂.
  14. @Hairy Celt ive a list of places mostly above 200m and then a sub list of places above 100m. Ive had to say now to a couple of places because they were under 100m. Didnt like the look of them, im sure the wife thinks ive gone a bit mad... she maybe right.
  15. 0c outside and its raining... fed up with this winter now.. i give up with it now. Im not doing another winter below 100m asl and close to the coast..😂😂😂😂
  16. Im not even gonna bother looking outside coz i know it will be wet not white..😂😂😂
  17. @Scott Ingham all the best to you and your Mum too.. i tested positive many months ago but was lucky enough to remain asymptomatic throughout, have had many friends and there families test positive without any real trouble more than a heavy cold.. its an odd one how the symptoms can be so diverse and different... you have been great on here the past few months and a credit to the forum.. take care of yourself and your family.. we will all still be here when you are well enough to enjoy your fantastic input..
  18. Cant wait to move house to higher ground.. next winter is gonna be great..
  19. My ice is melting...😂😂 i might be able to go get my bins back in without breaking every bone in my body..😂😂
  20. Thats it done for then... nothing like an Amber warning to turn snaw to rain.. not that i was expecting anything up here anyways..lol
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