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  1. Well it is Friday... and the weather is gonna be crap all day tomorrow
  2. Been a lovely day here weather wise, as for non weather stuff its been crud, pharmacy managed to forget to keep my daughters medication refrigerated so her 28 day injection had gone bad. So now we have to wait until Wednesday. Lots of calls to specialists and emails to confirm that she is ok to wait that long.. Tomorrow and sunday look pretty bad for wind and rain so stay safe everybody 👍👍👍
  3. A rather bright morning here after a very wet night. Looks like the weekend is gonna be a total wash out and a bit breezy too..🌧🌧🌧
  4. She knows whats coming and I've brought her a big coat and an extra bag of coal..😂😂😂 Rain continues to come down at a heavy rate. The river ythan is already full to burst..
  5. Yes had to move during lockdown in May.. to be fair i did find a house on the highest ground in Ellon. But dont you worry I've already convinced mrs Snaw that this new place isn't a permanent thing and a move to higher ground is already being planned.. she say no higher than 200m asl.. im making that the minimum if i can..😂😂😂
  6. Also before we get put to the naughty step for derailing the thread its Raining 🌧 again...😭😭 managed 30 hours without it. What an awful few months its been for weather
  7. She was very real in my head for a moment 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  8. Permanent position....very disappointed in him...😂😂
  9. @Northernlights sorry to hear of your loss.. and a shame you couldnt say goodbye in the normal way. @Blitzen good to see you back among us in this crazy place. And none of us are talking to @CatchMyDrift due to him naffing off to a cold snowy country 😭😭
  10. I've not heard rain rattling off my skylights for over 24 hours..😂😂😂 i think that might be a record for the last 2 months..😂😂😂
  11. Ahh ok thanks mate.. i would still risk it tho... any chance you could inbox me any details etc??
  12. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂... what you doing with your house here?? Fancy renting it?? You always seem to get snaw..😂😂
  13. This girlfriend of yours does she happen to have a sister who might like to date a mid 40's beer drinking slightly over weight west ham fan?? Asking for a friend..😂😂
  14. I expect plenty of trolling from @CatchMyDrift over the coming months... snaw pictures for months on end. 😭😭😭
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