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  1. Just back from Aldi.. and found this stout for breakfast eh..
  2. if it could hold off for a couple of days so i can get back to my house in Aberdeenshire on the 30th. after that it can get as cold as it wants for as long as it wants..
  3. Well that the mobile router purchased. now to go get my unlimited data sim from EE and it will be job done for the mega wifi when move to the old house in Aberdeenshire. ha ha ha in ya face BT with ya 1mbps...
  4. yes i remember 17/18 and in particular the pictures of you back garden. even more so during TBFTE....
  5. Never knew this thread was about still. well last white xmas for me was 2017. it was 13c at dinner 1pm and we had the windows open, by 10pm it was snowing so technically a white xmas, but for me it really has to be a good cover with either ice cold and clear or ice cold and more snow falling.
  6. @Norrance and @Kirkcaldy Weather posting filthy weather porn in the snow and ice thread... some stunning stuff just dont tell mrs Big Snow ive been looking at it..
  7. looks like the south coast is about to get pumped by some mental thunderstorms.
  8. @Ravelin thanks for the advice, getting some great advice from a local person who already does it via a router brought from Amazon and use an EE sim only deal £34 a month with unlimited data.. looks like it could be a good option, spoken to landlord who lives next door and he has great 4G coverage on his mobile.
  9. Any of you guys and girls that are Rural heard of a company called Northsat? seem to have good reviews online. and any of you use another provider? says 20mbps via satellite broadband. £99 per month unlimited. bit more than BT but 1mbps from BT so im kind of thinking it could be worth it. EE offering 500gb per month on mobile wifi for £50 per month.
  10. @CatchMyDrift are you on holiday overseas? this is not the scotland i know..
  11. Ramp.... we have a thread for that.... very nice charts tho and i do hope that we see much more of it during the coming winter months.
  12. Ha Ha Ha Ha, ive just been in and given my opinion... no doubt i will be on a ban within the next few hours..
  13. Some really heavy showers rattling thru here today, 19 sleeps until the Big Snaw family return to snaw zone in Aberdeenshire. looking forward to the coming winter, i do hope it is as good as the last one when we lived up that way and TBFTE battered us for 5 days straight. Bring the snaw.
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