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  1. Hey gang cheer up, at least the sun out for what feels like an age.
  2. Yeah snaw is coming for sure. to a beach in Greece.
  3. All doom and gloom again this morning. the mood in the mad house is up and down more often than a tarts knickers..
  4. right thats me away to dream of massive blizzards and snaw days a plenty.
  5. Time to top the emergency cupboard back up. pasta, rice, long life milk, part baked rolls and must remember the Buckfast.
  6. this place will be full of bin lid photos before long..
  7. im buried on that chart. now to remember the rules of snaw club... Say nothing to the kids about this say nothing to any other folk about this.
  8. much excitement in the mad house, the beast is coming but not from the east. top up the oil tanks a coal sheds folks.. winter is about to come roaring in.
  9. t240 looks good again.. just need to count it down to t24 before we get to excited.
  10. First Snaw symbol of the winter has just popped up on the BBC for me. its only 11 days away.
  11. Anybody here had cherry wood and elm wood for open fires and stoves?? Any good?
  12. Somebody in the mad house mentioned Greenland High.... im off to get my bread and milk.
  13. @Serac brilliant... spat me buckfast down myself..
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