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  1. Horrible sleety weather in Edinburgh hopefully the last of this dreadful weather,,,bring on some spring sunshine
  2. Showers becoming a little more frequent around Edinburgh, hopefully they intensify a little
  3. Snow showers don’t look like getting going properly until late afternoon,,I reckon some places will get a nice surprise looking forward to some warmth after this mini beast from the east
  4. The forecast for Edinburgh for today on the Met Office website was mostly dry,,,it has been chucking it down for the last hour and no sign of letting up
  5. What’s everyone’s thoughts on the potential snow event this weekend, is it likely to be disruptive?? Kind of hoping not on this occasion
  6. Heavy Snow shower in South Edinburgh now
  7. A question,,,,how is the streamer heavier in the west of the country when it’s coming in from the east,,,,what is fuelling the energy??
  8. Still plenty showers developing in the North Sea we won’t be waiting too long
  9. I think the media circus have over hyped this cold spell,,,Ive seen more snow in Edinburgh from a Westerly
  10. When are the coldest uppers due to arrive??
  11. Doesn’t sound too severe a forecast certainly not enough to warrent a red warning
  12. First heavy Snow shower of the day in Edinburgh
  13. Is Edinburgh right through to Glasgow in the firing line??? As the radar forecast had the streamer further North ??
  14. I’ve saud for days now the Fife and Tayside coast will do really well as the isobars were always south of east,,,I think Edinburgh and the Central belt will miss out on the heavier snow unfortunately. Unless there is a few troughs that crop us in the flow which cannot be ruled out
  15. Edinburgh snow sheild holding firm only a mere dusting from the front