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  1. Rain setting in now, not really expecting anymore than sleet or wet snow later similar to the the rest of winter 19/20
  2. Same here in Edinburgh I don’t remember such a snowless winter ?
  3. Back to sleet/rain now was nice to see the snow while it lasted, I wonder what March will bring this year ?
  4. Another Sleet event for Edinburgh not too surprised though,,,what does Edinburgh have to do to get a Snow event ?
  5. Tromso from November to March that’s a very snowy city ??
  6. Unexpected blizzard in south Edinburgh!! Lying quickly
  7. Still sleety showers in South Edinburgh,,,I’ve given up on the snow chase this time round,,,,this cold shot had so much promise too,,,,I need to move back to Penicuik ??
  8. Perfect conditions now but we seem to be missing the precipitation now. Never mind ? Looking good for the borders later,,,enjoy folks ️
  9. Could be a interesting day again tomorrow with slightly lower Upper temps throughout the day and into the evening
  10. Very heavy snow South Edinburgh the bypass is a complete whiteout,,,heaviest shower of the day ️
  11. Can someone explain the wet bulb temperature,,,many thanks The showers look a little lighter tomorrow too ️
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