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  1. It’s been a lovely day in Edinburgh again today even though we are in the Amber zone,,,no sign of any storms here most of the action seems to be further North
  2. I didn’t as I was working in Edinburgh this morning,,,pretty crazy stuff
  3. A torrential downpour at Straiton just now nothing on the scale of yesterday though!
  4. Yeah absolutely the last few years in particular there have been some intense storms. A very similar pattern to last year that’s why I was wondering what dates they happened
  5. When last year did we had those intense storms was it July or August ?
  6. The rain from the storm this afternoon was absolutely bonkers in west and central EdinburgH looking like a similar forecast tomorrow too
  7. As much as I love snow,,,,come on it’s May let’s have some warmth now please!!!!
  8. A hail whiteout at Straiton quite incredible this for May!
  9. Wintery showers here with a mix of rain and hail 4.5c
  10. Horrible night here more like January than May,,,, 4c Heavy cold rain
  11. More of a chance of sleet/snow/hail showers tomorrow evening in the central belt as the wind swings more NE
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