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  1. Global Warning has to be a major factor! Also climate cycles
  2. The SE Model discussion is going mad over charts which are still a week away pointing out where the snow will fall Hopefully the snowy charts come to be true, but my feet are firmly on the ground as this could all quickly change again
  3. No need to worry! on the next run it’ll be different again
  4. It’s good to see the PV ramp up a notch as we will see some much missed gales hopefully,,,,it’s not Autumn without some wind storms. or December for that matter,,,it’ll be good to see a change in pattern
  5. Wintery showers from the NE will be the order of the day looking at the charts,,,I’ll take that it’ll give a seasonal feel ️
  6. Precipitation in SE Scotland could be interesting on that chart
  7. Looking good this morning, but still over a week away so feet still firmly on the ground as it could yet flip back to the average wet option
  8. Hopefully we have record snow from the east if the pattern remains the same in or near Edinburgh Through the winter months
  9. Is it not always on a knife edge at this time of year, then the PV gets its act together and the Atlantic comes roaring back for 3 months with cold blips in between ???
  10. I hope we don’t peak to early with all these E/NE winds ,,, let’s keep them for Christmas onwards please ️
  11. Good to see the showers coming into Edinburgh on a easterly, hopefully a sign of things to come over the next few months. Well fingers crossed
  12. Has the persistent Northerm blocking got anything to do with the extreme weather/storms we have had this year???
  13. Concert in Edinburgh princes st gardens has been abandoned because of the lightning
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