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  1. Penicuikblizzard

    Scotland/Alba Weather Discussion 2019

    Hefty snow showers in the east if this chart come off, a little kink in the isobars suggest a trough ️
  2. Still that magic number 10 days away!! That won’t verify like that I’m afraid
  3. Penicuikblizzard

    Scotland/Alba Weather Discussion 2019

    All change from last night, back to soon and gloom
  4. Have to agree there are plenty snow chances without a easterly! ️
  5. A bit premature to be talking snow depths, let’s get the cold in first! it could still change as it’s over a week away, feet on the ground people
  6. Same pattern as the whole winter so far, cold sinking south into mainland Europe plenty more snow for them
  7. Ah right I didn’t realise there was a lack of data going into the model just now
  8. Penicuikblizzard

    Scotland/Alba Weather Discussion 2019

    ECM was on the money with the beast from the east back in March ️
  9. It’s been the same since the start of December with the models, the cold is always 10 days away,,,I keep getting shot down for saying this but it’s true and we are now mid way through January. A little cold blip coming this week though.
  10. There has been a cold spell showing at 10+ days since November so not overly confident, a cold snap maybe
  11. Well said! some of these charts are 10-12 days away and could be vastly different come tomorrow
  12. Hopefully nicely aligned to give Edinburgh a pasting ️