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  1. I agree, anything above 21'c is too warm for working in, I love the sunny weather though without the heat, especially during working week. I'm glad tomorrow looks to be a bit cooler up here. They can keep that 30'C darn sarf. 👎 😁
  2. Hailstones have just been rattling against window here in Rotherham. 😬
  3. Just like last year its a fantastic Spring, bit cooler than last year but can't complain, especially when sat in garden with a cold beer like today.
  4. It can stay like this all summer for me, temps 17 to 20'C is nicer than 30'C with conditions like today. Clear blue sky with hardly a breath of wind. 👌
  5. Another beautiful morning here in Yorkshire with hardly a cloud in sky and feeling pleasent already in warm sunshine. Long may it continue..... with just the odd shower once in a while for lawn. 😁
  6. As long as this weather continues I'll be happy, temps might not be that high but sat in sun with little or no wind it feels much warmer, it probably is as temps are measured in shade. 😎
  7. Cleared up now here to North, might be it for day, maybe this winter.
  8. One thing for sure is that this coming set up is different to what we would see produced earlier in winter, we don't have to look to see what is coming off the sea because we should get snow showers developing over land this time of year, very cold air and the warm sun could produce some towering clouds by mid afternoon. On a NNW flow we would probably end up completely dry around here if it was January.
  9. I'm looking forward to it, I've seen some hefty amounts of Snow in April over years, still clearly remember late April 1981 when we had blizzards for 3 days with snowdrifts several feet deep on hills around here in South Yorks and North Derbyshire.
  10. Temperatures might reach 8 9 10 degrees but when heavy showers come along it can fall to just above freezing in minutes. We had a similar set up to chart Jon shows above in May, 1975 I think year was, and we had frequent Snow showers on a WNW flow for days. Some of showers was Thundery too.
  11. Funny old month March, I always class it as late winter rather than early Spring. From past experience chances of unsettled even wintry weather is more frequent than warm sunny days, especially up this way.
  12. Another cold and cloudy day, temperature not much above freezing, we seemed to have stepped back into winter when last weekend it felt Spring like.
  13. Since weekend we seem to have stepped back into winter, once again cold and cloudy today.
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