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  1. I was 12, it was only sleet down here but I recall some cricket getting abandoned because of Snow, I think it might have been at Buxton.
  2. I'm not all that interested in plumes from the South, I'd be happy if day time temperatures were 23 to 25'C all summer. I'm not a big fan of sleepless sticky nights these plumes bring.
  3. Bit of welcome rain overnight which I think the lawn needed. Nice now though very windy.
  4. Radar was showing a band of rain right over us here in South Yorkshire this morning but it delivered absolutely nothing and it's brightening up now.
  5. Weren't sure where to post this, decided this spot might be best. Last month we had some showers that left cars coated in Saharan dust, I wasn't surprised by this because we had winds blowing from South. Now today I've gone out to car and once again it's covered in spots of dust from yesterday's showers, thing I can't work out is that these showers came from far North so why the dust in atmos? ?
  6. There's a few moans and groans in model thread because there's no heatwave showing, I think some moan at lack of excessive heat like they moan at lack of cold in winter. I'm more than happy to sit in garden at 19'c as long as sun is shining, it doesn't have to be plumes of heat coming up from Spain for me.
  7. Had a little rain earlier today but hardly enough to wet ground, might be only rain we'll see for a while by looks of things. April is turning out to be an exceptional dry month.
  8. Despite a cold start it's felt very warm sitting in sun this afternoon. Looking good tomorrow too.
  9. By this time of year we might be best looking to North rather than East for anything cold and wintry, polar air does tend to want to spread out once we get to Spring, lets just hope it spreads in this direction.
  10. What about late February and March 2018? That was an Easterly with quiet a bit of Snow here in South Yorkshire.
  11. Probably for water that's still to come down off surrounding hills, river ouse isn't expected to reach it's peak till tomorrow here in Yorkshire. Looking at radar there's still some rain to come this morning.
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