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  1. Warmest February day on record in Sheffield, currently 18.0 (64F). Data back to 1882! (Prev 17.6C In 1998)
  2. Felt like early summer never mind spring when I came out of work at 2pm. Temp on car when I first got in 26'C obviously warmed by heat of sun but never dropped below 18'C when I got home half an hour later.
  3. My car was showing -9 at 6am this morning, it had risen to -4 by time I went out again at 8am. Outlook looks much milder next week but uncertainty following week, hints of staying mild but also possibly turning colder again. Usual case this far out, one to watch though over next few days.
  4. I think I might just miss out from heavy stuff as it slips slightly to South East of here. Edit.. That made it Snow Started here now.
  5. I know what you mean, I think some people call it soft hail.
  6. Well that wasn't forecast, sleet or snow is what you should be expecting.
  7. Showers seem to be on a more north to south track to the earlier east to west, having to cover more land they tend to die out by time they reach here.
  8. Nice beefy shower heading into South Yorks right now, maybe a covering from this one.
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