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  1. We had a severe cold spell at end of March in late 1970s, over a foot of level snow with drifts much higher across large parts of Yorkshire. A foot of snow fell late April in 1981 though this was more over hills with lower areas only having a few inches, temps were only 1'C during day light hours.
  2. This is exactly what happened when ending a severe cold spell in late March late 1970s, though it did take a long time for precipitation to change from Snow to rain, was forecast to change on the Friday night but it wasn't till Sunday morning that it eventually changed to rain.
  3. Sheffield usually does well on Easterlies, especially Eastern facing hills, no where across Yorkshire should miss out.
  4. Most areas should see some but sometimes in this situation showers can come in lines, so some areas will see shower after shower producing a deluge of snow whilst 20 miles down road they might just see occasional showers giving just an inch or two. Radar watching from Sunday for me.
  5. Always misses out with warm sunshine instead. Should do fine even right on coast, it does usually get marginal with a sleety mix right on coast.
  6. So when will we see first flakes of snow? I'm going for first flurries to start on east coast during Sunday spreading inland overnight leaving us waking up to a sprinkling/dusting on Monday morning.
  7. Me too and everyone at work, told em to make sure they put a big coat and hat in boot of car for next week when coming to work, most just laughed and one said "don't be daft its March next week and it gets warmer in March.
  8. I remember in the late 1970s when we had several days towards end of March with temperature around freezing point, though this was with complete cloud cover and long periods of powdery snow.
  9. BBC forecast is very cold but dry next week. So little chance of some snow until milder weather attempts to break down the pattern.
  10. Some amazing looking charts for coldies, my only concern it's still a good few days away, enough time to go pear shaped.
  11. Does Asda do refunds on 20 cans of anti freeze?
  12. What an anti climax that was, doesn't show any easterly, just yuk high pressure. That model thread is leading us all up garden path. I give up, roll on spring and a sunny 20'C
  13. BBC weekly forecast coming up on Countryfile, my bet is that they don't mention Snow and just say "turning colder later in week.
  14. I'd given up on the coming cold spell everyone was going on about when watching last night's long range forecast on bbc news at 21.55, it was showing south westerly winds later next week. Looking game on again now though I wouldn't be surprised if it goes tits up again.
  15. I always thought that SSW ment winds from South-South West bringing mild weather.