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  1. It's also been one of coldest April's too overall, I don't think I've ever had heating on as much for time of year. I know we had that mini heatwave but it was very short lived.
  2. Some very heavy thundery showers around this afternoon with hail in some places, enough to make it look as though its been snowing in a few locations. This was near Chesterfield earlier.
  3. Very heavy settling snow here in Rotherham.
  4. I keep seeing the word Mild being used in Model thread but I think it's only a word that should be used during winter months, we all know mild in winter is temps from about 7'C upwards, now its spring/british summer time in my opinion it should be cold, cool, average, warm, very warm, hot. Today temps been around 11'C here I would describe this as average for very late March, if it had got up to say 14 or 15'C I would describe it as warm for time of year or even pleasant especially in any prolonged sunshine.
  5. 18'C in sunshine does feel pleasent, I'm currently on Costa del Sol.
  6. Few tiny flakes blowing in wind here.
  7. Them in south east are getting a bit more than they expected, looks as though it's moving north west but it won't affect us, midlands might get some. As I speak a few tiny flakes coming down here.
  8. Light snow falling again here in Rotherham.
  9. Still light snow falling here in Rotherham, looking at radar I'm not expecting much more.
  10. Just walked the Mrs to work, I can confirm we've had lots and lots of snow overnight.
  11. Still only light snow here in Rotherham, it's looking like we'll see very little sunshine today which should help reduce any melting.
  12. Few flakes coming down here in South Yorks, radar looking good to East.
  13. That walk from Filey to Scarborough will be interesting for them tomorrow.
  14. 2 weeks is a long time in weather world, plenty of time for things to change.