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  1. I guess this isn't good news for anyone wanting the cold to spread here? Someone on here might know more than me. http://www.severe-weather.eu/news/extreme-warming-in-the-arctic-over-the-next-10-days/
  2. After thunder stopped we had an unbelievable amount of rain and hail in a short space of time. I've not seen it come down like that for many years.
  3. Decent first half with some nice warm sunny days but slowly deteriorated to wet and warm to now wet and getting cooler.
  4. We've had some very loud cracks of thunder here in South Yorks over past hour.
  5. Winds increasing now, South Yorkshire could be one of worse hit areas.
  6. Having witness all them winters during 70s and 80s I have noticed that really cold snowy winters tend to come in clumps, 3 to 5 very cold ones then we seem to get 3 to 5 very mild ones. Odd very cold winters on there own like 1995 are extremely rare in my lifetime. One other thing I have noticed is that during quite a few cold winters if we've had the extreme cold with lots of snow early in winter ie December then from late January into February its become much milder with very little snow during second half of winter. I know some on here are thinking winter is over but I wouldn't rule out seeing some heavy snow just yet, in late April 1981 we had a foot of snow around here. we can get as much snow in March as Dec, Jan and Feb put together, only problem is once sun gets out it soon disappears.
  7. Just been up to peak district, some great wintry scenes. Amazing how just one degree can be difference between a bit of drizzlel/sleet and blizzard conditions.
  8. According to bbc long range forecast Atlantic is unlikely to fire up with a blocked pattern to continue right up to end of month. We could possibly see something more wintry at end of month or even start of March. Even though sun is stronger March can still give us some massive snowfalls.
  9. Just said on bbc weather, snow down to lower levels tonight over north east England and midlands. Looks like hills are going to see a good few cms.
  10. Possible with winds still in east.
  11. Been cold rain here in Rotherham since early this morning. Not expecting anything wintry now for a week or two.
  12. Always potential for some heavy snowfall throughout March but soon as sun pops out the thaw is rapid.
  13. Just come back from Portugal where temps are starting to drop, it was glorious last week, day time temps around 17'c light winds and wall to wall sunshine. Felt like middle of summer laid on sunbed at side of pool.
  14. After just watching long range forecast on bbc news It's looking unlikely we'll see anything wintry in next 10 days. It will be either mild and wet or mild and dry. Early days yet but yet another snowless winter could be on cards.
  15. Terrible conditions on roads for driving, I might have been better off coming home from work by boat.