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  1. Snowing steadily now and flakes are slightly bigger plus wind is also blowing the flakes around and its starting to stick down. If this keeps up there will be a decent covering by morning. Ice will be a nightmare though :-/
  2. The snow has started here in central Swansea. small but steady flakes. As said above relax guys the 'proper' stuff isn't due to arrive until tonight.
  3. It was snowing on and off almost all day in Neath where I work but at about 4.30pm an almost blizzard came in and it just kept snowing and it stuck fast. When I arrived in Swansea (by train) snowing then and it has stuck in the city centre. My work (Neath Port Talbot council) has already told all staff that we are closed from noon tomorrow and all day Friday. I've worked there for 11 years and that's the first time they have announced the building will be closed before the snow arrives!! Can't wait...wonder if I'll even make it to work in the morning??? lol
  4. Yeah, 2010 was a good year. Here's some pic's of mostly central Swansea, Swansea Bay and Gorseinon :-)
  5. Wow, that pic is amazing and brilliant. I have got to admit I am a excited to see what comes in the next few days...with a possible few snow days off work lol My main memories of '82 are walking up our street with my dad and realizing I was walking on top of a wall that was buried in the snow, I then slipped and landed on top of a transit van that was also buried!! lol I also remembering my dad having to walk about 2 miles to the main towns shops to get basic supplies as our local shop had nothing left and I found a horse in my garden which was almost frozen, so I decided it would be a
  6. Yep, it's definitely on the nippy side now. Maybe they don't want to start a mass panic, but people need to be prepared if it could last for potentially weeks.
  7. Bloody hell!! That's dangerous. Was '82 that bad? I remember that event slightly as I was 6 at the time. Are we likely to get that amount of snow, even in central Swansea?
  8. Does anyone know how cold it is going to get and how long it will last for?
  9. Raining consistently here and the wind is definitely picking up with gusts of approx 30mph so far- could be more (no instruments to measure speed). I'm in Swansea Bay.
  10. Ok, We can only watch and wait now... On the other hand bendy buses have gone and the Kingsway has been sorted...finally :-)
  11. Good point Crimsone about not much people in Swansea can do to prepare but in case of power cuts I was thinking about grabbing some batteries, candles etc and in my case clearing their balconies of random stuff to prevent the stuff flying around and pelting windows and people lol I would love it if the DVLA building was taken out-give them an excuse to put something nicer there instead of that monstrosity!! ;-)
  12. In Swansea we are used to rain and wind but 70-80 mph winds will be some else entirely!! I've been out today and barely anyone knows whats about to hit us and there is nothing on TV or the web that indicates how bad it is going to get. I know that they don't want to create a panic but people need to prepare and being a Sunday the major stores close in an hour.
  13. Blimey, That sat image of the storm shows the eye still very evident and it looks like Ophelia is heading dead for the UK *gulp* You would think there would be more warnings on national tv by now...
  14. Any idea what impact Ophelia will have in South Wales yet? I live in Swansea and am wondering if i am going to be able to make into work on the train as I work in Neath!!
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