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  1. Sleet and snow here at Diddy Towers. Glad it is Mrs D out with the dug...
  2. meh... I'm still planning to drove from Edinburgh to Galashiels in the early morning... c'mon MetOffice, an Amber and I'll cancel the trip! Live cameras from Traffic Scotland are proving useful!
  3. Thanks for responses by car (4WD) to drop one of the Diddys to a dance thing. Due to be picked up later in the day by a small hatchback, so I may bite the bullet and stay for the duration so that I can make it back to Diddy Towers safely. .
  4. Can anyone in/near Galashiels advise how bad the roads were following the earlier "Beast"? I am spending the day there on Sunday... weather permitting, and don't want to be stranded!
  5. Re the GFS, there are 4 similar members, including the op. Not certain to happen, but certainly an option not to be ruled out.
  6. The italian low showing up on GFS 06z as the jet buckles back round: http://www.meteociel.fr/modeles/gfse_cartes.php?ech=6&code=0&mode=0&carte=1
  7. Quickest way to deal with HMRC is to use the live chat. I also find the staff covering it are better than those on the phone
  8. Snow easing a little now, but starting to settle at Diddy Towers
  9. still some interest on the radar, but temperatures on the rise now. The melt has begun!
  10. interesting looking radar. Just about to take the dog out, so will survey the position near Diddy Towers. On the bread and milk front, no bread and not much milk (full fat stuff and no skimmed/UHT at the local Morrisons. The "Beast from the Yeast", apparently...
  11. Radar suggests the heaviest precipitation (not sure it will all be snow) misses Edinburgh to the East.
  12. Looking further ahead, some tentative signs for higher heights in Greenland. Northeasterly anyone? Now that we have drained Siberia of cold, seems like the next best outcome...
  13. snizzle here in town today too. I'd guess 3-4 inches overnight but hard to say due to the drifting
  14. My caring employer sent an email out saying "yes there's a red warning, but we remain open". Now there's a red in Englandshire and everyone told not to come in down there! And I speak as an Englandshirian...
  15. Hats off to MetO as I think they got this pretty much spot on. Good response too from the Council, despite the vitriol on the twitter when they announced schools were closing!