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  1. Well signing in ready for season, The storm that Chris K mentions above was a real thing of beauty here, I went to observe the storm from hill overlooking the Cerne Giant. Was mystical magic experience to see the Giant illuminated by the lightning. It was almost fluorescent, This year have camera at the ready and hope for decent night storm,,,,,,,,,,,
  2. Spring started,,,What will Summer 2013 bring??

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    2. Thundery wintry showers

      Thundery wintry showers

      More making a note that it's been the trend in most recent summers, but that in meteorology such synoptic trends can halt without warning- so there's probably as much chance of Summer 2013 being a scorcher as a washout!

    3. 95 Degrees

      95 Degrees

      Average I think, certainly better than last year.

    4. cerneman


      Average, would certainly be better than last year,,,,I really got no expectations,just hope not another monsoon summer

  3. Pond frozen over and even my little waterfall frozen,,,,,,,,,,,Frog spawn turned milky white, seems going to lose it,due to it being frozen,
  4. The above is subsidiary sett and not continuosley active,,,,,,But had idea that was in use due to fresh spoil,,,Used Bushnell trophy Cam, Was very pleased that managed to capture the photo,
  5. My Wildlife night camera, that been positioned on Badger Sett,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Getting ready for Spring
  6. Richard Briers was very good actor who of course best known for The Good Life, In 1960s starred in tv comedy "Meet the Wife" with a young Prunella Scales,, Followed by series called "The Brother in Law, He was a notable Shakespearean actor, Will be sadley missed,but "The Good Life" will remain comedy classic for many years to come
  7. cerneman

    Make us laugh

    MET OFFICE SUPER COMPUTER Hmmm Wonder where the on switch is ????
  8. Super little bird, Good things do come in small packages Have not had any in garden this winter, nice you spotted them
  9. cerneman

    Make us laugh

    My Wife worrying over eating Findus Lasagna Said "Don't worry love. just trot down shop for me"
  10. Could be Cold Chilly start to Spring,,,,,,Reminds me of my Childhood back in the Stone age

  11. Cold Wet Green Woodpecker,,,,Having bad feather day!!!!!!!
  12. Great see video,enjoyed that, Longford Estate waters so expensive and exclusive, Soon be Spring So can get out more with camera,
  13. Will be in Downton again during late Spring,,,,,Love the area, Part of series called A passion for Angling filmed your area, Combined soft focus wildlife filming With lovely relaxing music,,,,,Two guys who used vintage fishing tackle, Put bottle wine in water to cool,food hamper etc,,,,,,,,,More than just fishing, back to more gentle way of life, Downton by River 1955
  14. Very nice photos,,,,,,Is Heron on horizon of photo 1?,,,,,,,,Hard to tell if trout,,,,, Lots good fishing around Downton, Nice area just past Bat and Ball also Moot lane access good spot by Weir, Trout Grayling.......Good course fishing in area too, Was your fish photo taken in side stream? if so they could be young trout, Anyway thanks for sharing,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Photo below three wild brown trout in water mill stream off the Cerne, They spawned late Nov last year,,,,,,
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