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  1. Saw this strange rainbow strip heading home from work tonight. I was north of dundee looking east towards east angus when the sun was setting.
  2. Been a while since I was on here.........I took a photo of these clouds above Dundee this evening. Thought they were quite interesting.
  3. Was working in the hills near Selkirk in the borders today, heavy snow/blizzard like conditions. Now back in Dundee it's the same rainy/windy pish that's been served up all winter !!
  4. I reckon we are now being punished for that dry spring, summer and autumn. It was inevitable really.
  5. Evening folks it's been a while since I posted in here !! It really is amazing looking back a couple of winters ago, that were incredibly cold. People started saying that this would be a common occurrence, and here we are now on the verge of the kind of winters we used to get in the 80s . Just goes to show that in our wee corner of the globe you can never predict what we're gonna get be it winter or be it summer-keeps you on your toes !!!
  6. Just watched the channel 4 programme 'is our weather getting worse ?' It got me thinking, is our weather getting worse ?...........Na its always been sh#te !!
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