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  1. Spending x-mas with family so it's the last day of model watching for me for 8 days! :( Will still be able to pop in the MOD thread and have a read though from time to time. At least i'll be back in time for when the REAL fun begins in January :)

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    2. SE Blizzards

      SE Blizzards

      Cheers guys. Yeah, knowing my luck the cold will come when i'm not viewing the models. Lol! It seems such a slog to get cold into this country at present. If this cold spell doesn't meterialise between xmas/new year then i won't be putting any faith in the ECM Ens for a while that's for sure...

    3. SE Blizzards

      SE Blizzards

      The ECM Ens over the last couple of days seem to have gone way OTT with regards to amplification in Atlantic/Greenland heights! I see they are less keen on the idea this morning. The GEFS however were never really that keen on the idea from the off!

    4. karyo


      We have to put the idea of the Greenland high to sleep for a few weeks. There is something that is preventing height rises in Greenland. A mid latitude high may give us a frosty spell if the jet behaves.

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