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  1. Just viewed ECM 12z. Not good. I think i'll be happy when this year is over to be honest. The weather hasn't been my cup of tea for the whole 12 Months. Oh, and the 'snow drought' here has entered it's 21st month! I'm completely snow starved....

    1. Daniel*


      Ridiculous going by our latitude, we need the North Atlantic drift to shut off. If we want a taster of a continental winter. We had some snow flurries in march, but no proper snow since Jan 2013. If it makes it 2 years without snow I'd be livid. All these background signals are not amounting to much. However it is early days my only comfort.

    2. SE Blizzards

      SE Blizzards

      Yep, as you say Daniel the only saving grace is that we're only a week and a half into Winter, and most of the uk's snow usually falls during Jan/Feb. I'm quite a patient person but even i'm started to get 'annoyed'! 21 Months without snow is a bit of a joke. I wish the low heights around the Greenland area would 'do one'!