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  1. In all the years i've been a weather model watcher i really can't recall a time when i seen predicted night time temperatures to ever be this low the week leading up to the Summer Solstice. According to the GFS 12Z Some areas could be seeing Temperatures 1 to 3 degrees BELOW freezing. Brrrr!! These are just 3 examples, but to be honest there are many other nights too during the next 7 - 10 days when night time temperatures get significantly low for the time of year. .....Time to dig out those Winter woollies! Lol!
  2. GFS 18z starting to look more like the GEM at Day 7/8 with that pocket of -4 upper air affecting parts of scotland Also a widespread ground frost for Northern Britain next weekend, and the odd pocket of air frost to boot.. Unbelievable.
  3. Great stuff. Thanks for that Nouska Day 8 mean.. That chart wouldn't look out of place in mid Autumn to be honest.
  4. I never said they would occur. This is the MOD thread and i'm just posting what is being shown. It's just staggering a model is predicting uppers as low as this for the middle of the first month of summer!
  5. The GEM 12Z has virtually the whole of the UK under sub Zero uppers at Day 7, (June 14th), with the far North of England and Scotland experiencing -4 uppers..? Quite staggering for the time of year. Surely that would be some sort of record if that was to verify? I wonder if anyone can find uppers as low as these in mid June in years gone by?
  6. Just thought i would post this... Central Scotland. Snow risk 5 - 10% in the middle of 'Flaming' June??? Even the 18z Op itself had Wintry showers in Scotland for the same time frame. I wonder how often that has occurred at the back end of week 2 of Summer? Answer.... Probably never!?
  7. I must say as a person who is allergic to heat i for one have loved the cool Spring and cool early Summer weather we've had/are having. Looking at the current output it doesn't look like things are in a hurry to change. Long may it continue....

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    2. I Cumbria Marra I

      I Cumbria Marra I

      i agree too, love going to a beach to see it completely deserted and having to where three layers so i dont get hypothermia.

    3. Eugene


      17C today, felt warm, UKMO forecasting more warm feeling days to wednesday, summers are nowhere near as pleasant as our icelandic neighbours, only shetland islands have anywhere near them

    4. Costa Del Fal

      Costa Del Fal

      How can you be allergic to heat? Sorry if you are but never heard of it before.

  8. Lovely looking charts for early March :) Not sure if they'll verify, but a re-run of March 2013 would suit me just fine! .....Is Spring the new Winter?

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    2. fazer


      One more wintry spell or two is nigh on guaranteed before spring is sprung.Bung in a warm spell or two.Odd thundery shower.More daffs yes you bet.

    3. Eugene
    4. Daniel*


      it doesn't bother me either way life will still go on, I wouldn't mind a 2013 revisit.

  9. Lovely looking charts for early March :) Not sure if they'll verify, but a re-run of March 2013 would suit me just fine! .....Is Spring the new Winter?

  10. Well, my 'February is gonna be special' comment that i made in the regional's a couple of weeks ago has well and truly gone up in flames. 12c here today. Oh my days! It's got an early hibernation written all over it.

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    2. karyo


      We will be for sure! I still hope for a couple of wintry spells in March but we'll see. I hate a warm spring! :-(

    3. SE Blizzards

      SE Blizzards

      Me too. In fact i hate warm Springs, Summers and Autumns lol

    4. Lettucing Gutted

      Lettucing Gutted

      ^Karyo^. Yes cold winters in warm years are the new cold years! I hate warm years, warm winters, warm springs and warm summers and warm autumns! lol! :D

  11. Well, the winds have finally shifted round to a more favourable direction for this part of the world. 5 snow showers so far today. Great stuff!

  12. Correct He was talking about a little feature set to run down the Country on Tuesday. He had already highlighted the 'potential' for N.sea/SE coasts in an earlier post.
  13. Looking at the short ECM ENS for de bilt the Op was very much on the mild side at Days 9 - 10, but did have support from the Control. http://www.knmi.nl/exp/pluim/index.php
  14. Yep, they sure are, but at that time frame the Day 10 ECM chart has as much chance of verifying as me going on a date with Angelina Jolie. Meanwhile, back in the real world... Cracking Day 5 ECM + GFS charts for all cold lovers, and in the meantime the possibility of a few Snow showers lapping onto Eastern Coasts, and maybe spreading a little inland at times too. Enjoy.
  15. And some incredibly low night time temperatures if this chart was to verify. -10 certainly not out of the question, especially places with snow cover.
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