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  1. Just had a prolonged heavy shower here and radar looks like more to come.
  2. Please let that be true...looks like it's heading straight over me. Maybe that's why the BBC forecast has upgraded for us later this evening and overnight?
  3. I've got my snow magnet on full power to suck it further North 🤣
  4. Interesting that BBC has upgraded from nothing to heavy snow showers here tonight and tomorrow. I know it’s the website but I’m desperate and hoping they correct.
  5. Just a dusting here but nothing forecast for the rest of the day. Enjoy the snow everyone and blow a bit up to North York’s please😀
  6. Just watched today’s BBC forecast and it’s looking very dry for all after tomorrow and they mentioned a warm up towards the end of the week. Fingers crossed we get some decent snow cover tomorrow but can’t help feeling disappointed after talk of 30-40cms possible. Just goes to show that the pros know more than we do, as you would expect.
  7. 4.8 degrees in Pateley. I’m sure we’ve got under soil heating round here😀
  8. I know what you are saying but the Met Office forecast was a video forecast not the app. Would be nice to get a covering overnight tonight. I hate cold rain...roll on summer😀
  9. Any updates for tonight’s chances here in Pateley Bridge. BBC says sleet up to midnight then dry all day tomorrow. Met Office light snow tonight and occasional light snow tomorrow. Must say, Met Office forecast yesterday said North would be dry so beginning to think this is going to be disappointing for here. Hope everywhere else is lucky.
  10. BBC forecast just now was showing Sunday as dry with occasional snow flurries in the North. Hope they are wrong!
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