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  1. Wadey

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    The mod thread cracks me up
  2. Wadey

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    What part of wolves you from ?
  3. Wadey

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Those in the s/e must be getting a right pasting that system hasn’t moved !!
  4. Literally leaving the house for the booza haha
  5. First few flakes here so it begins
  6. Nothing to dramatic here coming down better now, radar is looking great so fingers crossed any accumulation will be difficult in a bmw !!
  7. Where is this low tonight meant to be entering England tonight, so I can keep an eye on it on the radar a touch south from what the models are showing could mean snow/no snow
  8. Who does met check use for their forecast ?
  9. It’s cold today never mind next week !
  10. Looking good for Tuesday to be fair