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  1. Wadey

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    What part of wolves you from ?
  2. Wadey

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Those in the s/e must be getting a right pasting that system hasn’t moved !!
  3. Literally leaving the house for the booza haha
  4. Where abouts are you mucka ?
  5. First few flakes here so it begins
  6. Nothing to dramatic here coming down better now, radar is looking great so fingers crossed any accumulation will be difficult in a bmw !!
  7. Where is this low tonight meant to be entering England tonight, so I can keep an eye on it on the radar a touch south from what the models are showing could mean snow/no snow
  8. Who does met check use for their forecast ?
  9. It’s cold today never mind next week !
  10. Looking good for Tuesday to be fair
  11. Interesting in the model thread
  12. Looking good for a good stretch of the midlands