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  1. Are you feeling excited? I am... Is it too early? Probably Haha
  2. Feeling more positive about this upcoming Winter... I know its a way off yet but surely we can't have 4 bad winters on the bounce? Or can we?
  3. hello all... Does anyone think maybe a Tripole is forming in the atlantic?
  4. I think Autumn is already on its way....can almost smell the bonfires!
  5. hey mate, thinksnow

  6. Haha that's quite brilliant, if a little annoying! Hes a sensationalist that's for sure but his accuracy isn't too bad!
  7. Joe Laminate Floori? ??? Obviously meant bastardi haha
  8. Ha just noticed my last post was rather large... Next weeks colder conditions will bring some nice temps for coldies..I don't think it will last much beyond 3 days...Then more milder temps before a colder December. Who likes Joe Bastardi? He has hinted at a cold, blocked December and Christmas Jake
  9. Hi all, I'm relatively new to all this. Some of you may know me from Twitter/Facebook so just saying Hi! My thoughts on winter.... Cold end to November followed by a slight warm up at the start of December. Them mid December Temps will plummet and we will see copious amounts of snow and be shut in the freezer until Spring.... Wait was that a hopecast? Haha maybe What are everyone else thoughts? JakeLeopold
  10. Hi all, haven't posted for a while What are peoples thoughts on this winter? A few are saying very very cold! Im thinking it will come quite early, say November...you've got to look at the Siberian snow cover carefully...Its very advanced already, will be interesting to keep an eye on this throughout October! Let me know what you think Jake
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