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  1. Are you feeling excited? I am... Is it too early? Probably Haha
  2. Feeling more positive about this upcoming Winter... I know its a way off yet but surely we can't have 4 bad winters on the bounce? Or can we?
  3. Would be nice to see a cold xmas... could be some potential for that... followed by a cold Jan and Feb... We can hope eh? ;-0
  4. Feeling pretty negative about this winter... It just doesn't feel right so far and with nothing on the Horizon.... I know there s plenty of time left but there are too many factors against a cold one to ignore... :-(
  5. not sure if anyone else follows terry scholey much but for him to say colder than average, thats a pretty bold statement! He is usually very coy about forecasting such and I feel his forecasts are usually pretty accurate!
  6. Morning all... Things are looking nice and chilly next week... Hoping we might see some ground and maybe even air frosts here on the east coast!
  7. Its almost like a football transfer rumour forum... My mates dads, dogs, uncles, brother works at old trafford.....
  8. I wonder if this week will be the last of the above 17c temps we see this year? Cant see it hitting any higher as we move deeper into autumn... Unless anyone fancies a BBQ xmas day?
  9. hello all... Does anyone think maybe a Tripole is forming in the atlantic?
  10. Looking forward to this winter and hoping for improvement on the past two. Gut feeling is it may just be average at best... Some snow here and there but overall westerly based. Hoar frosts and Sub Zero days would be beautiful but I don't want to set my sights too high. Maybe the Beast will awaken at some point?
  11. I think Autumn is already on its way....can almost smell the bonfires!
  12. Hi everyone, Not been on here for a while. Was searching the posts for anything winter related and stumbled upon this one. Just spent 2 weeks in searing 45c heat in Turkey. Having come home its incredible to notice how we seem to have switched from Summer before I left to autumn. Cold, blustery and I have even notice a tinge on red in some of the leaves! Could we be shifting seasons a tad early? or just my imagination?? Jake
  13. hey mate, thinksnow

  14. Haha that's quite brilliant, if a little annoying! Hes a sensationalist that's for sure but his accuracy isn't too bad!
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