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  1. I am am starting to sit up and take notice of what the models are starting to show now. I have model watching and lurking on here for more than 10 years and I love it, even when it all goes wrong (a bit odd I know). There have been some epic climb downs, particularly in the last 5 years or so, by the models there ain’t one of them that is perfect! The image above is about as strong a signal for cold as we will ever see for London. Like other members have alluded to this, if modelled correctly, is likely to be longer lasting than the February 2009 event which only had -10 850’s over us for about 24 hours. For me this is was the best snow on the ground event in zone 1 since 1990-1991. Might seem a bit IMBY this post, even though this winter I have seen snow on 10th December in Buckinghamshire when we almost got stranded. And more recently on the 6th of February whilst visiting family in Scotland with snow covering the majestic and beautiful Ochil Hills. I really want this to come off for us snow starved Londoners, the children of zone 1 should get to build snowmen too Cross everything
  2. Chesham,when I left, made Narnia look warm and dry. Bermondsey/Borough border slightly less snowy more akin to slush puppies being dropped from a great height! I think I will be happy, after the last 3 or 4 winters, if I don’t get much more snow the rest of this one. I hope everyone who didn’t get much/any snow today gets shed loads through the rest of this winter ️️️️
  3. Update from Chesham Bois- snow is still heavy and unrelenting we have had wood pigeons losing the will to live slightly whilst sitting on the fence 5” approx.
  4. Stayed with friends in Chesham Bois last night! Was knife edge if we’d see any. Going back to SE1 this morning, where we haven’t had a decent covering since 02/02/2009, if we can get to the station. Glad I’ve seen some today ️️️
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