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  1. Must be made like the old magnetic weather symbols he used to use!!???
  2. Yes at the moment it looks this way and yes incredibly frustrating with a vortex so disrupted. Right now if we won the lottery we’d lose the ticket. But we keep chasing and hopefully those who suggest something more seasonal for Christmas are right. It’s still possible!! As they say in the polar express, Believe!
  3. Yep that’s one winter forecast no longer supported by its author after just 15 days. Agree we need to keep faith that we’ll get some cold shots over the season. But any prolonged cold looks unlikely this month and January has been written off by GP. We will see if he’s right or wrong but regardless the hunt goes on.
  4. Basically if the UKMO isn’t onboard then don’t get too excited. Many of us did, many of us dared to dream but alas many of us are disappointed. As much as I’d have been interested to see how the news would report the ‘snowcane’ and indeed how the pattern would evolve subsequently without the UKMO buying into the notion of the cold spell being suggested by the other models it was always a risk to get too excited. Lesson learnt (again) (until next time). This model watching is worse than crack.
  5. Agreed. The UKMO will hopefully smell the coffee and get us even more excited. If it does and the evolution is maintained broadly across the models we will be very, very busy in here! Ladies and gentlemen I suggest fresh pants, sandwiches and copious amounts of hot tea. Oh and no one tell anyone until we get beyond T120. This is what this thread was made for! We are really on the hunt!!❄️☃️?
  6. Seems a very plausible explanation. I’m sure some research will exist or if not it’s another element to add to the vast plethora of factors that equate to the weather pattern in play (notwithstanding seasonal ‘average’ ‘norms’). Fascinating UKMO and GFS coming up but let’s be fair they always are!
  7. Yes, looks like the north-east has done ok in areas today. Snow on Sutton Bank in the 'north' of North Yorkshire, and a couple of heavy snow showers in Northallerton but what was starting to lay has not been topped up!! Good pictures though people, great to see!
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