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  1. All of Europe under the freezing temperatures except Spain, this will hurt A LOT
  2. Not really, in 12hours you don't have this change 00z 12z (current run) The change is better seen if we compare today's 120 with yersteday's 144 Yesterday Today
  3. Big changes in UKMO, everything is moved to the east quite a lot
  4. Well, Andalusia and the Basque Country have a very very differnt climate
  5. Snowing at just 100m in the Basque Country
  6. It just takes a little longer for the ridge to go up, but I would say that the low is better tilted in this run so the heights should go higher up
  7. Snow in the Basque Country in low altitude. It's snowing in Zarautz (coastal town) with a white beach, and in several towns of Gipuzkoa that are above 100m
  8. On the other hand you have another amplification coming from behind As I said before this situation will be changing a lot from run to run
  9. I mean, every situation shown by this runs will be very knife edge, when you have such small atlantic lows knowing how they will interact is perhaps the most difficult prediction task for current numerical models. The situation is quite amazing to see from a synoptic analysis, most situations that will favour cold will come from knife edgning scenarios IMO
  10. Those atlantic lows always find a way to avoid a clean heights rise
  11. GEM showing one of the best possible mid range solutions
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