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  1. It's definitely expanding! Most active and electrified part still likely to E. Sussex & Kent though IMO.
  2. Had some cloud for about 30 mins but that's gone so game on again!
  3. I am currently near Bath and have been woken by insane storm, between 60 and 120 strikes per minute, continuous thunder.
  4. All time French record has just gone - 44.3c at Carpentras in the western Provence. Could go higher still...
  5. A picture I took of the same hail storm near in Whitton (near Twickenham) yesterday afternoon!
  6. I hung on to some frost until 10.30 on my north facing lawn in Twickenham and now it's 18c (or at least at LHR it is). Amazing!
  7. That's 6hrs of solid sleet here, not snow, not rain, sleet. Not sure I will ever see that again in my lifetime!
  8. Have had "stealth sleet" for about the last 2hrs. To the casual observer it looks like it's raining but a thin veneer of slush is forming on the cars...
  9. Just to be clear, it's snowing quite nicely here in Twickenham but not as heavily as you might think looking at the radar. Thin covering (max 1cm) on cars, grass etc but still not really settling on roads.
  10. I've never seen such unpredictable local changes every 5 minutes on the radar. Keeps it interesting. Certainly pepping up over London right now...
  11. Weird, can suddenly hear stuff on the velux windows, we now have a mixture of flakes and pellets!
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