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  1. Agh, i thought I’d done this!! 10.5c and 135 mm thank you please
  2. Well, July 2020 can just do one now! Bloody awful out there, rain and 12c does NOT float my boat for Summer weather!!! Did I hear right that Braemar was down to -2.2c yesterday morning? Is that normal?
  3. Annual signs that school holidays have started! Pishin wet outlook
  4. Lol Zak, I’m guessing you stay in the reddish/orange zone then?
  5. Hi Roger/J10 ive probably asked this before but I can’t remember the answer, apologies is there a reason I can’t get to look at these files on my iPhone... am I doing something wrong?
  6. Longing to get out for a walk and enjoy the weather. But son is triply immune suppressed, wife his main carer. Not allowed to go out and it looks like this will be the case for many weeks to come?
  7. Lol turns out I was actually better off!! Really looked like it was going to be nearer to 6c
  8. Should’ve kept that 6.0c guess rather than putting up to 7.0c?
  9. Bet you that thread was a cut above the rest ?
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