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  1. Nipped our to collect Saturday night take away..... everything is nice and white. What a great Winter/ start to Spring
  2. Heavy horizontal snow shower currently in Helensburgh..... don’t imagine it’ll last long but gives an indication of just how brisk that wind is.... brrr
  3. Hi LRD Hope im not being too stupid here.... but how can we congratulate the GFS for spotting a trend of something that’s almost a week away and may not happen?
  4. I’m pretty sure LS that if you posted those ‘ final ‘ snow totals on the Model Thread there would be carnage from those of a SE England persuasion
  5. @Hawesy Consider this for some lucky areas when suggesting snow amounts?
  6. Okay, go on then....I’m falling for these cold charts and changing my guess to 2.7c.. please
  7. Early days I know, but, with the very cold weather being predicted for the next couple of weeks.... what’s the chances of March cet being below February cet? If so, does it happen often?
  8. Our local cemetery is lucky now if it gets the grass cut 4 times a year..... cost cutting and all that!...(infact nice borders became weeds, then grassed over as they can’t afford to weed!).... anyhow, if it’s grass cutting day, it’s grass cutting day and no rain, sleet, snow or ice will stop them...... oh, or common sense doh....
  9. Mardatha ...Should’ve gone to Iceland
  10. @Hawesy I’m still waiting for my predicted 5 cm despite the occasional snow(ish) shower ... currently snow lying on car only.... perhaps Tuesday will be the day? Anyhow... Hawesy you got to let me know Will it rain or will it snow? If you say that it will rain I'll be ‘ Oh no not again!’ So you got to let me know Will it rain or will it snow? You always tease, tease, tease You're list of guesses always aims to please One day it's fine and next it's cack So if you want me off your back Well, come on and let me know Will it rain or will it snow? Will it rain or will it snow now? Will it rain or will it snow now? If it rains there will be trouble And if I snows then I’ll want double So Hawesy you gotta let me know Will it rain or will it snow?
  11. Hawesy, may I recommend a new measurement tool for your predictions over the coming days....
  12. Currently light snow just started in Helensburgh .....
  13. I’ll help you with mine Hawsey... S.F.A ....... and that’s nothing to do with football! Its Winter Helensburgh style.