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    Watching football,enjoying good food and wine .Family time (savour it while you can)
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  1. I wonder if it’s down to the source of the air? For me, although it’s been a lovely month, the air has been cold and therefore out the sun has been bloomin chilly! A nice, usable month though Scorcher.
  2. Ask ‘ how are you ? ‘
    Just because I look okay doesn't mean I am ok.

    Just because i don’t talk about it doesn’t mean I don’t want to talk about it.

    Be there


    1. Daniel*


      Very true.. sounds you're in a bad spot and I know very well what that’s like hope it will be okay.

    2. Thundery wintry showers

      Thundery wintry showers

      It depends on how one means "How are you?".  When people ask me "How are you?" it's usually a coded prompt to get me to say that I'm "fine", which is especially tricky when suffering from depression or even just feeling down.

  3. Hi Mike.. out of interest, what is it about this particular chart that bodes well for Summer?
  4. Not weather related but...... Young Dr(s)No out of intensive care and loving the snowy pics I’ve shown him and the very sight of snow out the window. What a month for my tough wee fighter !
  5. I seem to remember a crazy cold spell... January early 1990s.... walking down Causeyside st in Paisley when temps were minus double figs.... anyone any idea why year that would’ve been?
  6. Surely there’s plenty time for snow and cold.... was 2018 Beast not end Feb? One of the biggest snowfalls in my area that I’ve seen was mid March 2006 too.
  7. This mornings Childrens Hospital Pics.... young Dr(s) No loved them as he can’t see anything from his room in PICU.
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