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  1. So Sad to hear of the passing of Keith Chegwin....aged 60.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. lassie23


      everyone from my childhood is no more:cray:

    3. Mokidugway


      A condition related to silent reflux,possibly from his  previous drinking problem ,sad though 

    4. cheeky_monkey


      Cheggars plays pop

  2. Tomorrow night is looking like the coldest night for a long while in Scotland with some widespread severe frost ( following an ice day in many places ) ...could somewhere get down to -15c? Not too shabby for December and certainly it’s been a much more seasonal end to Autumn and beginning of Winter..
  3. 5.5c and 110.1mm please December... Coldish start, mild middle and brr at the end.....
  4. Carinthian, cannot actually tell you how jealous i am of your picture! if I could get that just once this Winter... I'd be a happy man
  5. Jealous much Carinthian https://goo.gl/images/AH1Prq
  6. November 2017 C.E.T. forecasts

    6c please..... It's definetely gonna be colder than average... Brrr
  7. Early days still but Arpege has gusts of 112 mph+ early Monday south of Ireland...... Gonna be pretty breezy Irish Sea later in the day.... Interesting times ...
  8. .....and that line there Frosty sums up how the whole of Summer was for my neck of the woods...
  9. I'm sorry, I'm not knowledgeable enough to understand these charts.... But I'm guessing that these may go someway to explaining why this Summer seems to have promised plenty in 10 days time but delivered very little
  10. Gosh mb , I had a sense of deja vu there and then realised this is the same as your post from this morning lol Dont know if you meant that Anyhow, yep almost hot in the SE on the 168..... Continuing poor up here though
  11. I would think Scotland's Summer is due to start soon... Kids are back to school in a week and a half
  12. Did I read this right Knocker.... I almost choked on my cornflakes!! Wintry showers? That really sums up my Summer