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  1. Gosh mb , I had a sense of deja vu there and then realised this is the same as your post from this morning lol Dont know if you meant that Anyhow, yep almost hot in the SE on the 168..... Continuing poor up here though
  2. I would think Scotland's Summer is due to start soon... Kids are back to school in a week and a half
  3. Did I read this right Knocker.... I almost choked on my cornflakes!! Wintry showers? That really sums up my Summer
  4. August 2017 C.E.T. forecasts

    16.5 c please
  5. The AH just does not want to ridge in.....pretty sure that's another low waiting in the wings ready to zip along for the 4th/5th....
  6. Doesn't look too bad at the beginning of the week in my neck of the woods Frosty...
  7. Enjoy Tuesday Everyone.....
  8. In the short term Summer arrives in Scotland in style ....... For one day only...
  9. So, the other day I was talking about the Power of Positive Thinking ........ Well....Forget that.... It's a load of p#%h.... It disnae work and now next week isnae gonna be Summery at all... No paddling pool...No BBQ ..... In fact... Probably unsettled and rather similar to what we've had.... Summers not for Scotland this year folks
  10. Autumn thoughts

    You could argue that it's still LAST Autumn up here in West Scotland!!!
  11. Get your shorts out..... Dust down the BBQ Get ready to fill the paddling pool Summers Coming!!!! At least according to the MOD Ok, so it's at least 8 days away and it's not as though we've been here before but cmon ..... The Power Of Positive Thinking Folks
  12. Oh dear Frosty... I think I may have to change my name to Dr (G)Loom the weather has been so poor here... I wish there was an opportunity for warmer and settled weather to ' return ' here.... It's been anything but Im afraid, for me, this Summer so far has been very much a jam tomorrow scenario!
  13. Amazing really... Was it April or May that Edinburgh virtually had nil rain for the month? iUn fact, I'm sure I just heard that Edinburgh had as much rain in June as they've had January to end May!!!
  14. So..... I should really just copy and paste my post re Tuesday's weather ....Different day... Same s#$t springs to mind.. Im feeling almost as gloomy as the weather!! Im sorry but pishin rain and gloomy dull coupled with 12c TWICE!! in a week in High Summer disnae float my boat........