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  1. Ah.... but this is the year of The Beast From The East ! Not saying it will happen... but everything just feels’ different ‘
  2. 17.5c and 55mm thank you please
  3. Bit toasty from next midweek!!
  4. Hi Folks Daily Record today reporting a mini heatwave and temps of 26c sweeping Scotland next week? Can’t see it myself....
  5. Storm Hector doesn’t look to threatening to me.....
  6. Posted that after watching the BBC Scotland weather this morning.... not so sure after seeing the charts.... but still worth keeping a wee eye on..
  7. Could we see warnings issued for Thursday am? Gales or severe gales forecast with winds up to 60 mph in the morning rush hour. Risk of damage and power outages apparently
  8. Me Today.... and probably quite a few of you too! https://goo.gl/images/s4DHY8
  9. 15.5c and 67mm thank you please
  10. 12.2c and 77.7 mm thank you please
  11. Just checking SS.... is this warmth accompanied by sunshine.... my phone weather has rain and 21c for next Thursday!
  12. Wasn’t expecting it ( cause I never watched the forecast ) but woke up to a layer of slush and more snow falling ...... looks bloomin freezing yet again! Thanks for sharing your news More Snow....... ive had a great Winter reading your snow reports
  13. Almost 49 but I still get excited when the white stuff falls!!! Even if it turns out to be the pishy ‘ only lies on cars etc’ type of snow
  14. More Snow..... I’m thinking you should set up an outside Webcam for next Winter.......you seem to have had a crazy amount of falling/ lying snow days this Winter