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  1. Eyewall replacement cycle has started to take place we will see some weakening of the storm but the wind field will be increased. The eye witness accounts from josh and Jim are unfortunately going to be grim. The destruction may even be worse than yondla as this storm has been so slow moving.
  2. Just got to Firle beacon hoping the stuff in the channel gets active soon or else I have wasted an journey.
  3. Ok I’ll be at Firle beacon if you head back west I’m in an red clo
  4. You still at Firle about to head down there now to catch the next batch of stuff.
  5. Flash ban I’m there now where are you? I’m at the car park I sent you to last time
  6. Are there going to be storms firing to the west of this line as there just a bit too Far East for me to get too and there doesn’t seem to be an crazy amount of lightning.
  7. Anyone out chasing tonight in the East Sussex area. Would anyone give me an hand setting up an cannon camera?
  8. I have an cannon 750d but have never got it to the right setting for lightning. Will be out tomorrow evening 100% so maybe be able to get it to work. Will you be round my area again @Flash bang flash bang etc?
  9. Go here flash bang great views to the south. Dropped pin Near Crowborough Rd, Uckfield https://goo.gl/maps/etKJDQpzbkyrGGDW9
  10. Don’t go all the way to tonbridge I would suggest stopping at an parking place looking South on the Ashdown forest pm for exact location I’m defiantly heading out tonight as well!!
  11. Supercell if you are near the Ashdown forest area send me an pm I know of some good viewing spots there.
  12. Sun is out now in Sussex. V muggy and a lot better environment for steams than last week here. Also added energy with this strong sun now
  13. if the set up is like an USA sort of storm set up anyone in Sussex going to chase? If they are would they want an spotter and map person to join them would be willing to split cost of fuel.
  14. Go to one of the beacons on the South Downs has great views south and north. There is an car park at ditchling and at Firle.
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