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  1. Looks like this precipitation isn't going to reach my location in Sussex. Can anyone tell me when there will be a chance of my location seeing meaningful snow
  2. Yep seems so hard for our locations to get any decent amount of snow from an easterly
  3. Looks like a streamer is finally heading towards my location just hope it keeps its intensity to reach far enough down here
  4. @kold weather why does the streamer seem to lose all strength before getting to my location?
  5. Current situation here have about a 1cm covering on the grass but was unable to sick to the patio. Now looks like I’m in a dry slot but hope a streamer moves back over soon
  6. How much further west is this band going to get as I’m. Just on the edge of it
  7. Staring to get more sleet in the rain here just on the edge of the heavy band to my south. Going to get a couple hours sleep and be up at 4am
  8. Hope we can fill in the gaps in the precipitation won’t be impressed if I miss out to the north and to the south
  9. I would say going to the Ashdown forest will be a better location some car parks that are exposed to the north east.
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