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  1. Lol stuck right in the middle of the dry slot
  2. Snow been washed away by rain here only got 3cm here overnight. Another useless cold spell
  3. What’s that band that has just gone through Brighton like?
  4. Snow stopping here need that second band to intensify
  5. Only got about 2cm here hope the band doensnt die and we can keep its intensity
  6. Nothing here in nutley
  7. Pls put location on your post when reporting snow makes it easier for mobile users thanks. Nothing of any note here in nutley yet
  8. Tiny flakes in wind here in nutley need the heavier precip
  9. Tiny flakes in wind here in nutley need the heavier precip
  10. What on earth is going on with the radar precip is all over the place with intensity and false returns
  11. When will the met issue an Amber warning for the south east area. Looks like they are cutting it a bit late atm
  12. Anyone notice some of the radar returns have been a bit crap as there is heavy precip in one spot which just vanishes in the next
  13. @nick sussex do you think my location and Crowborough could possibly pass the magic 10cm mark
  14. Will let you know what it is like up here as just live on the edge of the forest