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  1. Is there anything forecast for the Sussex coast tonight? Everything has been north of here today so could really do with some rain down here.
  2. I’m currently out under that cell Near East Grinstead basically 0 CG lightning bolts mostly in the clouds
  3. Bit worried about that train of storms in the channel whoever gets a direct hit from that could get some serious issues with flooding.
  4. Just got on the hill overlooking newhaven looks like the mcs has lost all lightning activity at least there is an nice cool breeze here
  5. That cell coming off France looks like it’s just going to clip Dungeness if it keep the same track and intensity
  6. Looking north from my location I can see tower in the distance going up
  7. One of my best lighting captures from this morning. Well worth getting up at 3:00 and driving to firle beacon IMG_0989.MOV IMG_0988.MOV
  8. Cannot get the vids on here but you can find them on my Twitter @sandle08
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