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  1. So is that blob of the Essex coast just an radar anomaly?
  2. Light snow here but looks like that heavy stuff is going to leapfrog over the center of Sussex
  3. Clear skies here in Sussex when’s this stuff in the channel moveing ashore
  4. Boom just inside the amber warning lol
  5. Nick if you compare the the latest precip radar now and to what the models showed you can see that the band of precip is already allot further east than the models have it. lol what chino said
  6. Freezing rain won’t melt the snow and it is an much rarer weather phenomenon than snow which if you do get it will be something you will most likely see once in your life
  7. the met must be looking at that radar and wondering weather they need to act on the warnings as none of the models show the precip that far east
  8. @Steve Murr says I have precip over me here but actually nothing is falling lol hope I can get an top up tonight before the event tomorrow. How much do you think we will get??
  9. @Steve Murr am I still on for that stuff heading towards brighton or am I too far west
  10. Looks like I’m going to be inbertween both the lines this evening
  11. Am I too far in the south for the streamer tonight??
  12. Just down the road from you would say I have the same amount as you. Hopefully not too Far East for the streamer later tonight.
  13. It hit me had an small burst of snow from it now got at least an inch and half of snow need more lol