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  1. Got to say that is an BOOM chart as low is heading under and the cold air is poised to our northeast. Thank god it’s the most consistent model atm
  2. Tom Jarvis

    Hurricane Michael

    All I can say is this footage is insane on here. Will be an incredible long line till we get another vid like this https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10156491591296138&id=501146137&refsrc=http%3A%2F%2Ft.co%2F00aW6sCVBM&_rdr
  3. Tom Jarvis

    Hurricane Michael

    Grr cannot get his stream
  4. Tom Jarvis

    Hurricane Michael

    Cannot get Brett’s stream to work on live chasing
  5. Tom Jarvis

    Hurricane Michael

    4hrs current estimate
  6. Tom Jarvis

    Hurricane Michael

    There is going to be some insane stadium effect eye wall photos from chaser when is passes over
  7. no night time light show here in East Sussex and no where near enough rain to cover the drought. Did get this impressive lightning bolt though. 0935DAA0-08BF-4BE9-B820-94C15747EC20.MOV
  8. @Paul Sherman is that it for East Sussex no night time light show?
  9. @Paul Sherman will ther be storms after dark in the Sussex area as been hard to see lightning. Did get this though F60C9236-B574-4B0C-B1D9-0E9ABC9EF5F4.mov
  10. That storm in northolk has defiantly anchored itself on the boundary layer it’s Hardily moveing Paul
  11. What about in East Sussex Paul
  12. Supposed lightning strike in the channel anyone confirm no worries false Strike