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  1. When do the fax chats get updated as with the things going the way they are that is the only thing I would follow atm.
  2. This is why model watching can be so fickle. Yesterday it was doom and gloom but now the trend is our friend where the models are finally getting a better grasp of where the shortwaves are going and how strong the blocking high is. FI is curently at about t96 until the models can get a grasp of where the energy is going. Remember the trend is our friend now!!!!
  3. May need to put the fat lady back in the box as there is allot better amplification on this run and it looks like the low will undercut.
  4. Pert 11 on 18z is a cobra run
  5. What did you use to capture those?
  6. Was anyone able to get a measurement on the hail that came down. Had some at my location but the rain was too heavy to go out and get some for mesuring
  7. This is insane in Sussex strobe lightning closest ever capture of lightning IMG_3274.MOV
  8. Hold on a sec the most severe storm of the day happens near the most westerly point today with large hail. Also all is not over yet
  9. Shame it missed us in far south east. That storm near London has incredible radar presentation.
  10. Looks like a bust for East Sussex ;(
  11. The storm has fianally passed coverack but they are reporting major flooding
  12. Coverack has had torrential rain since 3:30 hope we don't get an repeat of the flash flooding seen in the other small Cornwall town many years ago. Fire service already reporting fooding there.
  13. V concerned about that area just south of Falma that storm look like it has become surface based and stationary could lead to be server flash flooding
  14. Can see the storms over London from here hope that sart unzipping down the line far enough south so they hit here