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  1. I agree, my earlier post suggests that we are entering a real change in the pattern and the storms over the next week start that process. The artic high will be crucial regardless of where the chunk of PV sits saying that the PV could be great for the under cut scenario as you refer too.....looking forward to it
  2. Interestingly enough there is a pattern change which has just started. The forecasted temps over the next week to 10 days look to drop off to about 5-7c in the south and 4-6c further north. Although we have "zonal" conditions forecast the source of the air is from a cooler source now and will continue to do so in the reliable time frame. Predictions of white Christmas for some from the met o, interesting storms and the potential for some colder weather as we get into January via a SSW and southerly jet.......don't forget last week many were adamant that the high was set to stay......keep your
  3. so we have shutter saying it will start to regroup in the next few weeks and snowm4n saying its going to take some time to recover? sometimes this thread can be useful other times confusing.
  4. How will this affect the pattern? will this increase or decrease the potential for cold? Thanks
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