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  1. It has been an odd Winter with strong blocking and cold signals in FI never really coming to fruition. I thought we were going to have a late Winter cold spell but now the opposite looks to be the case with the high pressure never getting further N than the mid latitudes and badly oriented for any cold. On the plus side the days are getting longer and we can start looking forward to Spring. It should very pleasant in the final 3d of the month, perhaps the new thread should be the search for Spring though we may not have to look far. We will probably get stonking Northerly or Easterly in Spring proper knowing our luck.
  2. A strengthening signal for blocking in the Atlantic/Greenland sector after mid month. Still too far away to know what will come of it but looks like a late Winter outbreak is on the cards at the moment.
  3. GEFS 18z has a crazy mean chart for deepest FI Very determined to get heights into Greenland toward last 3rd of Feb.
  4. Yes I guess there are some straws to clutch. potential for a ridge at day 4+ but the energy currently being modelled coming off the Atlantic looks a little too much for it to create any worthwhile blocking. Of course if the models are overdoing the jet and we get some disruption then that could change. If it does then there could be a big flip in the ensembles and very quick turnaround from the zonal forecast out to mid Feb but at the moment it is a big if. At least it is something to look for and makes the model viewing a little more interesting since it all went TU for umpteenth time this Winter.
  5. GFSp brings another snow event with the sliding low a bit further West than GFS 18z The low doesn't form on UKMO or ECM so it will be something to look out for in tomorrow's output
  6. That's the hope Hopefully it will develop some more as it comes in and give a wider covering.
  7. Looks like another band of showers organising heading toward Preston way
  8. Take a quick jaunt to Wrexham, looks like they are getting plastered and are going to pick up that streamer too.
  9. I have had rain in my back garden and dry int he front before now, it has to start and end somewhere - if it is snow then that somewhere is Crewe's house apparently.
  10. I can already here the sirens. Also bins not collected.
  11. I'm sure will get something. Behind the wider band there seems to be streamers setting up further South which could hit you if they get far enough inland
  12. ECM finally smelling the coffee GFS has been brewing for some time.
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