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  1. I'm not sure how any antibiotic could have any effect on a virus. I suppose it is possible it could help with any secondary infections or pneumococcal resulting from Covid-19 but I expect these would be treated anyway.
  2. "Hottest day ever," yeah if "ever" is 0.0000001% of recorded Earth history in one specific place at the height of its summer on the periphery of the antarctic. I think we should all doing our bit to ensure a cleaner planet and cutting pollution, that's common sense, but the idea that the Earth atmosphere and climate is somehow right now at some perfect equilibrium that has always existed is asinine. 1, CO2 is a trace gas that makes approx 0.035% if atmosphere 2, Man made CO2 (which is still part of the carbon cycle) makes up around 3.5% of that so total man made CO2 is 0.001% of atmosphere. 3. On the geological scale Earth is CO2 starved, it has almost always had more CO2 in the atmosphere. 4. The Earth had 20X the amount of CO2 than now for hundreds of millions of years and thrived (no runaway warming) 5, The polar ice caps are not the normal state of Earth, they only appear during ice ages and recede in interglacial periods such as we are now in. 6. When Earth has had far more CO2 in atmoshphere than now it was green, temperate and saw explosions in diversity of life. 7. China alone is responsible for more CO2 than Europe and US put together! 8. The global financiers who invented carbon taxes and deindustrialised the west are the same people who left China exempt and invested there making trillions 9. Many so called green energies have worse greenhouses gases than clean burning coal plants, wind turbines for example create more CO2 and use SF6 most powerful GH gas! 10. If every car in Britain stopped tomorrow there would over very many decades be around 0.00001% less CO2 in the atmosphere, if replaced by electric cars that figure would be much less impactful still. We have to ignore everything we know about 99.99999999% of the data and take the carefully manicured 0.000000001% and extrapolate from that the idea that a mammal that is just part of the carbon cycle over a tiny period of time is doing more harm (creating runaway warming and stripping the atmosphere) that extinction events such as asteroids, super volcanoes failed to do over billions of years! And that humans creating roughly an extra 0.001% CO2 in the atmosphere (3% of 0.035%) over this period when the Earth has historically low CO2 levels is going to kill the Earth when it flourished when CO2 was twenty times higher for hundreds of millions of years! But instead of shutting down the lunatics who tell us the Earth will die in ten years and we need zero CO2 emissions to save the planet and to eat insects and god knows what else, they are headlined and exalted while those who dare point out some actual inconvenient truths instead of convenient lies are censored and vilified. This means that lunatic policies cannot be properly debated, it why we shut down clean burning coals plants and at a cost of untold billions built wind farms which some studies show are even more polluting and we pay twice as much for our energy for the privilege. Meanwhile the worlds biggest polluters by far are left exempt and Greta has found no need of her Chinese phrase book surprise, surprise. There are things that can and should be done to make our air and water cleaner and processing and manufacturing much more environment friendly without destroying peoples jobs and lives or impoverishing wealthy nations and bringing them under neo feudalistic globalism where the elite mock the useful idiots from their private islands.
  3. Atlantic train running out of puff at 144 on UKMO. Interesting chart if you are hoping for last gasp of Winter early March. (Or should I say first gasp?) GFS dragging the cold uppers in from the NE with just a weak ridge able to hold back the Westerlies
  4. Just popped in to talk about a possible pattern change early March but see the forum is already all over it. ? Definitely the potential for a block to form to the NE start of March but given how the rest of the winter has panned out one can't have much faith it will materialise. Carry on... I'll continue my winter ?
  5. BBC REPORT AMAZING SCIENTIFIC BREAKTHROUGHS ON GLOBAL WARMING! TREES ARE THE PROBLEM! Apparently scientists have discovered that when trees die they no longer use photosynthesis and so produce no oxygen! Deforested Amazon areas 'net emitters of CO2' WWW.BBC.CO.UK Up to a fifth of the Amazon rainforest has become a net source of CO2, research suggests. The global elite, stunned into action, have promised to tax the poor more to solve the problem as they deforest their private Islands to make way for their new multi-billion dollar luxury complexes.
  6. The BBC seem to have missed this freak weather event as part of "the Earth is on fire" series, can't think why. Winter storm coats Baghdad in snow for only the second time in 100 years EU.USATODAY.COM A rare winter storm coated Baghdad in snow Tuesday morning for only the second time in the Iraqi capital in the past century. Still, they have given Greta her own show show so we shouldn't be short of expert input on how the Earth will end soon.
  7. I'm 57 and don't think there were many snowy winters, I do remember more frost and high pressure though. Next winter could easily be snowy and cold, at least in part.
  8. How is the current winter relevant to future winters?
  9. A long way to go before we dare get excited but at least some interesting charts cropping up in FI, P16 and P19 are synoptically similar to Op
  10. Yes we have had to wait a long time even to see anything remotely interesting in FI so the idea the Azores high may may relent last 3rd of Jan is definitely news. Let's hope we see a strengthening signal for blocking over the next few days though if we aren't getting snow then I prefer it to be mild - getting old ?
  11. Is there light at the end of the tunnel? Well at least there is weak signal in the output (ECM, GEFS, ICON 180+) Let's see if GFS 18z ensembles improve upon the 12z set.
  12. Happy New Year fellow Netweather geeks ? Very little to cheer for coldies in 2019 but perhaps 2020 can be a little better? No pattern change looking imminent though so it could be a bit of a uphill slog, especially through early January. However the pattern looks like beginning to become more amplified end of week 1 or start of week 2 Jan so at least the chance of some brief colder interludes with transient wintriness in the North. Currently it doesn't look like it will amplify enough for blocking to take hold but at least there is a tiny blip on the long range cold radar again. That's about as good as it gets for now, so enjoy 2020 whatever the weather.
  13. The choices seem to be very cold or very mild for FI, I wonder where this Op run sits in the ensembles?
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