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  1. only win can be a snide win easy as Britain cheats at everything we have seen it before
  2. we will see how well from now on English or amarican companies do in England the next majority will be snp and we will have another referendum to stew over because I wlll make sure sturgeon gets one and we wll see who wins this ne was rigged and everyone knows it
  3. I myself am totally u for standing up to these bigots they are mostly army led but I will stand to the death against them
  4. of course it the great british election in your eye even though there are videos and picture os electoral fraud going on but we wll all bow down to the master of everything who says we are all good. I am so thankful we have people like you on here taking part in this
  5. could be anywhere I do know it was all kicking off in the schemes earlier I'm goin through the morra for a decent night it should be awrite about shetto and easterhouse and wellhouse and that.
  6. they went on about yes side well other side was far more sinister and not just from this but from past experience I would show the tattoos I have but would be against family guideline I hate that other side which seems to be rife on here but that's another day
  7. ive been hearing about fights all night where has that went on about if you know location
  8. ok well wonder why I am having posts reported on facebook all of a sudden
  9. last post in here folks I just don't like the way this place has been or is going and don't wish to be a part anymore if you wish to chat or that you can follow me on [email protected] on facebook hope you all have a great winter with several feet of snow but unless it is epic I cant see me being a part of it so bye for now and for the future we will just have to wait and see#
  10. last post : [email protected] if I know you and you want to speak here you can but I am finished with this place and the line they seem to be taking so bye filks but if you want to continue chatting you can reach me here I am sure we are bount to be abe to have a cut off chat with us all facebook by the way
  11. don't think its finished yet Shetland and Orkney are usually no and Clackmannan was maybe a bit off but north Lanarkshire might be YES as is north Ayrshire and Glasgow and Dundee it could still be very close and remember a 1 vote margin will do it its not over till its over
  12. The Daily Record â€@Daily_Record 6m Falkirk: Sources on both sides say it's very close. Cllr Adam Mahoney says "narrowness of poll" helped get vote out. #indyreflive
  13. even nick robinson thinks its odd Nick Robinson â€@bbcnickrobinson 21m So, commuter area to North of Glasgow gets 91% whilst the city itself gets just 75%
  14. ScotsPaulus â€@ScotsPaulus 25m Really? Glasgow turn-out 75% ? With a 97% reported registration? That's odd. #IndyRef
  15. Orkney has always been no don't know about Clackmannanshire but there is still only 8000 votes in it Dundee and Glasgow look like coming in YES they will be a decent swing will just need to see what happens I really wonder what has happened to some of the turn outs. and totally unconfirmed so something I cant say has happened will just need to wait and see if anything comes from it but Ruth Davidson might have said postal vote boxes had been opened but again don't take it seriously yet
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