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  1. just hoping the cold stays around long enough for us all to get a little of the white stuff. Thursdays offering appears to miss most of Central England but I guess these things change from day to day.
  2. Is it too early for Winter ramping? Not for me ( in my little Narnia head) - Jamstec is providing a nice cool chart for Winter 2014-2015 for us here in Winter! Haven't got a clue whether it is a reliable tool for forecast and am totally gormless when it comes to understanding what an El Nino Modika is but have grasped the fact that it is predicting things to be colder than they originally predicted! Sorry I can't post the chart - clueless on how to do that as well but easy to locate ( I put up the link but was told I couldn't post it!)
  3. Agh but you are higher. I used to live in Redlynch and that had more snow than Salisbury but that is higher again than Downton - fingers crossed for us all!
  4. Much excitement going on in the MOD thread tonight ( & more than a little agitation - more angst than on Eastenders). So does anyone think we may have a chance of any white stuff down here in the South next week?
  5. Ran the Great South run in Southsea this morning and at times I was lifted off my feet. Can't believe the wind speed can be double that tomorrow morning! Exciting but dangerous!
  6. Running the Great South Run in Portsmouth on Sunday so am hoping there will be a lull before the storm if indeed they do exist!