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  1. It has just stopped raining and I really do think it rained all night. Again. Wind has just dropped and sky trying very hard to clear, but I feel that no matter how hard it tries today, the clouds will always win. Bummer. Temp currently 7.4c and Oh Look! It's started raining again! Tomorrow looking a lot better so may get a walk in somewhere during the day. On a down note, whilst happily chomping on a fruit pastille yesterday I lost a filling. Not just a bit of it, the whole thing. I now have what I feel is a colossal gap there and I now have to chew on one side only. Fortunately it doe
  2. Well, it must have been very windy last night as part of my anemometer blew away! You know, the important bit that measures the wind speed. I did find it and if all is calm tomorrow I'll try and put it together again. My friend who lives a short distance away and also has a weather station recorded a 60mph gust last night. Sun is now out, in between showers, and I really notice the wind chill today. Anyhoo, an afternoon of knitting and DVD's for me, and keeping the fire stoked up! ๐Ÿ”ฅ
  3. Well, today turned out a lot better weather wise than I thought it would! The sun came out late morning and is till there, but temp has dropped a bit, now 8.7c and a nippy wee breeze along with it. Weekend looking like another washout along with some strong winds, so much yukkiness on the horizon. Stay warm and dry Peeplings. Only time I'll be going out tomorrow is to get coal and wood in. ๐Ÿ”ฅ
  4. What kind would you like? Choccies? Wine gums? Jelly Babies? Licquorice Allsorts? Answers on a postcard please. Cannae guarantee they'll get to you anytime soon, but the thought is always there. ๐Ÿฌ๐Ÿซ๐Ÿญ
  5. A bit of a mixture yesterday, started off pish, improved at lunchtime so I was able to get out for a walk, lovely afternoon, then a return to pish which stuck with us overnight and also brought along his Big Brother Mega Pish who remains with us all day. Looks better for tomorrow but then guess who returns for the weekend and most of next week. Ach well, it's only weather and we all need something to moan about, eh? ๐Ÿ˜’
  6. Can't believe it's been so long since I posted here! Now rectified and I promise faithfully ( and annoyingly! ) to report here on a daily basis. Well, after a week of stunningly good weather here, we are surely back to normal. Lots of rain yesterday, more today and rather clammy along with it. Had a good few low level short walks last week and the old creaky hips certainly felt it afterwards. Thursday looks like an OK day so will get out for a stretch then. Must make the most of any dry days we get as I feel sure that Son of Lockdown is on his way. Still plenty of the dreaded camper vans
  7. Getting livelier by the minute! Time to switch off the lights and let Mother Nature give us a light show! โšก?
  8. It's getting very rumbly oot there! Had a couple of lightning strikes a wee while ago. Thankfully we haven't had the roasting hot weather today that some of you have had. It's very humid now, but it'll be so much more comfortable after the storm. Love the thunder and lightning! โšกโšก
  9. Just heard my first rumble here. Rained earlier on so that put paid to the weeding. I think the south and east of the island is getting it just now.
  10. It's got awfy dark oot there! Was going to do some wedding but the midges haven't fed yet and I don't fancy being their breakfast. It's 15.1c just now and not a breath of wind. Lightning strikes currently hitting Mull and heading slowly north. Might get a touch of the old crash, bang, wallop later on! Keeping an eye on the Netweather lightning map! Good viewing there! โšกโšก
  11. That one perfect word to describe today's weather...... Dreich! Rained ( lightly ) most of the night and still gently dripping. Temp way down on recent days at 14c but I am thankful for the coolness. At least I won't have to water the garden today!
  12. Sticky, muggy, midge! Temp down a good bit from yesterday when it got up to 27.6c here. Now at 21c but feels a lot cooler as we have a good bit of cloud today. Waaaay too hot for this girl over the weekend so very little done in the garden. Spent yesterday afternoon with some DVD's and a bottle of wine. Nice! A wee bit of Scotch Mist hanging around the mountains, might clear up later today. In the meantime I'm off for a wee walk to get the muscles moving.
  13. Morning Earthlings! Another gorgeous day ahead up here, so I reckon a walk along the shore is the order of the day this afternoon. Have to trek into Portree this morning for pet supplies and drugs, wee trip to the bank and post office too. Such an exciting life! I have found a great home made weed killer....boiling salted water! Boy, am i getting through a lot of salt! It takes a bit longer to knock the weeds into touch, so I drench them once a day for about four days. It certainly works! Stubborn buggers get a dose of raw salt as close to the ground as possible which should kill the root. It
  14. Ah well, it had to come sometime! Raining again, an unfamiliar sound indeed! Just light showers so nothing to get excited about. Will do the ground a lot of good I'm sure. Will dash out between showers to plant peas and onions. Awaiting broad bean seeds and seed potatoes. Ordering online as none available in Skye just now. there's a very pleasant coolness on the face just now which I like. More dry weather to come later this week by the look of things, so more gardening and clearing up outside is on the cards. Weeds sprouting like mad. Anyone know of any kind of chemical free weedkiller or so
  15. Good morning from an endlessly sunny Skye! At least that's what it seems like! Can't remember the last time I saw clouds. Or when we last had rain. Lovely crispy clear evenings and nights. Wall to wall sunshine during the day. Looks to continue for a good few days yet. Not that I'm complaining! This weather has really lifted the gloominess that was pervading all and everything! At least I'm getting the garden cleared up slowly but surely and have a planting programme sorted out too. Got some seeds in pots on the kitchen window ledge and will plant other seeds outside when it starts to warm up
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