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  1. Flying canoe located and will be rescued when the crap weather calms doon a bit! Was dry and calm overnight but we did have a few lightning flashes around 10pm. Back to the usual horizontal sleet and rain now.
  2. Ah well, the canoe which was securely tied down in my garden now resides in my neighbours croft where it will stay until later this week when the winds die down.
  3. Just had a very interesting drive home from Portree. Brendan beginning to bare his teeth. Biggest wind gust so far 40mph at 11.11. Worse to come. I am now bedded in by the fire with tea and scone and strawberry jam. Lights have flickered a few times since 11 0'clock when I got home. A day of knitting and puzzler magazines I think. At least it isn't cold or raining....yet! See you on the other side.
  4. Temp is -0.8c just now, lowest it's been since that lovely cold snap in November. Rained a bit overnight so probably a wee bit skitey oot. Fortunately I'm not driving till much later on. And back to the usual pish tomorrow. Ho hum.
  5. Much calmer today. Current temp 2.6c which is vastly preferable to the double figure nonsense we've had over the last few days. The sky is clearing and the ferry is just pulling away from the pier. It didn't run on Monday morning either, so odd will be really p1ssed off that they'll be going to school today. Aaaaw, wee shame! Been a while since I've seen clear skies but I'm not kidding myself as there's more crap weather to come. Best make the most of this calm period and take a turn around the garden to see what rubbish has blown in.
  6. Rain finally stopped and a wee bit calmer now and still very mild. More rubbish weather to come at the weekend. Winter, where are you? Longing for clear skies and frosty days.
  7. Got the soup pot bubbling away. Lighting the fire soon, got knitting and books to hand, torches too. Cleaned, trimmed wick and filled oil lamps. Nothing else I can do. Bring it!
  8. Ah well, here we go! Had a wee puff of 50mph just after 6 this morning, and as I was making a cuppa and feeding kitties the power went off for about 10 seconds. Currently charging batteries for lanterns, have plenty coal, wood etc so should be ok. It's to get worse later on, so I'll just coorie in by the fire for the day. See you on the other side!
  9. Very blustery overnight which resulted in a bit of guttering being ripped off. I rescued it and left it in the garage till our local builder gets a dry day to put it back up. More blusteriness tomorrow so here's hoping everything else stays intact!
  10. So winter has finally arrived here. Temp is -9.5c and there's five inches of snow on the ground. And.... Oh, wait a minute, I've just woken up! Checks window.... raining again! Temp is actually 9.5c and the ground is just mush. Ah well, a girl can dream! Suppose I'd best get on. Got knitting, ironing, log chopping to do before I head out this afternoon to catch the latest Star Wars epic. Really looking forward to Tuesday's fab weather ( not! ) so best check that everything is tied doon outside.
  11. Terrible dreich days recently. Saturday night into Sunday morning temp axed out at 14.6c. Also had a blast of wind at 60.6mph at 4.30am same day followed by lots of wet stuff. Skies cleared last night, been a while since I've seen starry skies! Current temp is a welcome 2c. It won't last unfortunately. Pity, it would have been nice to end the year with some frost. Hope you all have a great New Year and that we get at least one snow day this winter! Slainte!
  12. Well, it's a dull but dry Christmas Eve up here and looks to stay that way for the next few days. Hope you all have a great Christmas wherever you are! ❄❄
  13. I am sorely tempted to post this image in the Mad House! I wonder how many heads would explode on first viewing? I'm not daft enough to think that this will come off, after all, it's over two weeks away,but nevertheless, I daresay there will be someone, somewhere who will start stocking up on bread and pasta and maybe a wee bottle for medicinal purposes only!
  14. Weather over last week or so has been so damned boring! Grey, grey and more grey! A wee blast of wind the other day, just strong enough to blow away some of my bird feeders. Temp has rarely gone below 5c overnight. More of the same over the next week. Dullsville!
  15. Yesterday, sleet, hail and rain. Today, see yesterday for details! Away you lot wi' yer SNAW! Me? In the huff? Never!!
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