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  1. By the way, drove into town earlier, the view of the mendips was awesome all swathed in snow and lit by the setting sun. Wish I took a pic.
  2. Expecting a very cold one here tonight, only patchy frozen snow left but out of the sun its stayed as ice all day. In Jan 2009 and dec 2010 we hit -18 & -16 respectively. Doubt I will see that again in my time. For the record, we're 4 miles outside Glastonbury on the edge of the levels, it tends to be a bit of a 'frost hollow'. Keep warm peeps.
  3. Hi all, wow, what a great surprise of a day! Still coming down as hard as anything. Granted, would have liked a degree or two lower all day, but hey, that is being greedy. Having said that its come down a degree in the last half hour here in Butleigh near Glastonbury. Currently 1.3. First post in a very long time!
  4. I have to admit, I couldn't help checking where my snow shoe covers were.....just in case.
  5. Good point m8..well taken. but i think its a shame that the vast majority of folk rely on that source as taxpayers and it should be based on the best information...for another time perhaps....once we actually see who was correct??
  6. ....Hmmm...They seem to have been on the cat nip again in the MAD thread. I really hope it comes off this time but I have been here with everyone else many times before. The thing is when the BBC forecast says 'cold' or 'colder' ...so far this winter, all they've been referring to is a return to average, as it is February. The forecast max/min temps for the next 10 days are, on their website, in no way exceptional at the moment and I get the feeling that since they ditched the Met they've been allowed a tad more freedom with their broadcast forecasts. anyone else picked that up?
  7. let's not get too obsessive in here too...there are some in the MAD thread who can intimidate...thats what this thread is good for surely? any hoo!...!...not convinced yet of any remarkable cold incoming...despite the MAD thread insanity! it has so far been a cool but unremarkable winter, as far as the conditions on the ground are concerned, for the South UK. Cant recall where but someone recently commented on the forecasters propensity to 'cover themselves' in case the reality was missed. well who can blame them in this litigious world we live in? however, they are still living off taxp
  8. entertainingly, some posters in the last few days on the 'MAD' thread are still aligning BBC output with MET office?? Too busy trying to pin their tail to the donkey i expect.
  9. ...hmmm. yeah i'm struggling with it i have to say..maybe a 'honeymoon' to get to love it?? we will see.
  10. Its the fluff offered by the bbc and met office. That's what our tax buys mate.
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