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  1. I think I'd be totally flugged off with it after a month, 2 weeks would be enough.... maybe 3 times a year ?
  2. This cold spell has been truly exceptional, never experienced anything like it before, it feels like how I'd imagine Siberia feels most winters.... you have to spare a thought for any homeless people ?
  3. Merry christmas everyone! Many thanks for sharing your knowledge on this forum and keeping me entertained throughout the year, even if it does end up with me telling my mates its going to snow next week and looking stupid all the time........this time....maybe! Im no model reader but i follow the solar output closely. Im hoping the recent high solar output which i belive has set back cohens sai theroys is finally starting to wane and this will deliver the big fat ssw that santa forgot soon after the new year bringing snow n ice aplenty. Have a goodun gang and keep the faith...ITS A COMING!
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