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  1. Got down to -1.8°C here last night and after dense fog persisted for much of the morning, the maximum for today was only 4.8°C. Back down to -1.4°C already, already lower than the minimum of 0°C forecast by the Met Office.
  2. Round 2 was pretty impressive aswell, lightning not quite as frequent but still pretty frequent! Still rumbling away now but I need sleep!! Haha
  3. Wow, that was a fairly brief but whopper of a storm! Frequent lightning and no thunder to begin with and then as the rain started there were some really loud cracks, the air was so electrified! Pretty gusty winds too! Not too shabby Taunton, Somerset btw
  4. 7.1mm of rain so far today. Heavier rain now encroaching from the east as we speak so looks like the heaviest rain will be overnight tonight for this location.
  5. Wish we had this synoptic setup in Winter!! Always the way.
  6. Indeed, the warnings are all over the place recently. Gusts have been in the 50-55mph range this morning, co-inciding with the morning rush hour too. If a warning exists for the winds overnight tonight, then there should have been a warning for this morning too. The timings were off on Sunday too. The warning was from 1am-11am I think but the winds only really got going at 9am and where gusting in excess of 50mph well after the warning expired.
  7. Look at that temperature drop as the front begins to clear, a 5°C drop in an hour, impressive!
  8. The winds here this morning have been stronger than Freya last weekend, yet this storm has no name! Yeovilton has reported 63mph gusts this morning which is a good 10mph higher than Freya (and, incidentally, 10mph higher than forecast).
  9. After a period of smaller grained snow, the bigger flakes are coming back again :). Hasn't stopped snowing since 7.30pm. Looks like some heavier stuff approaching from the east. Wind is quite keen too. I can't believe that given this was meant to he a more northern event just how much snow has fallen in southern counties today! :).
  10. Fat flakes and settling readily now, the radar shows the area of snow over my location to be very slow moving
  11. Well my rather "toys out of the pram reverse psychology" post worked haha. Coming down thick and fast now despite radar not looking all that impressive. Not far from the clearance out west though so not sure how long it will last but enjoying what I have.
  12. Don't think the precipitation is actually going to make it here. Just continue to slide around to the south. Amber warning = no snow it seems. Frustrating.
  13. Precipitation seems to be fragmenting further south than the M4, it is fragmenting just south of my location (Taunton, Somerset)
  14. Radar saying it is snowing, can safely say it isn't actually doing anything at all precipitation wise at present.
  15. Still raining here very lightly, heavier precipitation to the south, temperature falling now (1.8C) and easterly winds picking up, I really hope we shall see some snow soon!
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