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  1. It actually ended up near 60mm! My station (Davis Vantage Vue) recorded 38.2mm today on top of the 19.6mm last night!
  2. After a very temporary easing this morning it is pouring down again as the front pivots right over my location. I'm not home to see what my station says but we must be approaching 50mm now over the last 24hrs. And no warning! Mind you, channel lows are notoriously hard to predict.
  3. Got some very squally winds through just then with torrential rain, weather station recorded a gust of 60mph and it isn't exactly elevated as much as it should be to get a spot on reading so maybe the gust was a little higher than that!
  4. Temperature on the rise here, it got down to 2.9°C but now 5.1°C. I wasn't expecting anything anyway but didn't think there would be such a rise!
  5. Well after last nights disappointment we finally got some decent falling snow! Nothing settled of course as the ground was too wet, but we had a snow shower with big fat flakes at 3.30 ish, then a rain shower after and now just had another snow shower. Already better than last year I guess!
  6. It certainly seems to be trying it's hardest!! Especially with the heaviest of the precipitation! Ah well, I'm off back to sleep, watch it fall purely as snow now haha.
  7. Definitely periods where it is more snow, a little more elevation is probably doing nicely. It is nice to see it falling when it does become more snowy than sleety at least. Feels like we were on the edge of something more special however.
  8. Yeah, temp and dew point are below freezing, for once, whilst there is precipitation! But something else is stopping this being a whiteout. I suspect milder upper air temps at a guess.
  9. Yeah, both the temperature and dew point are the right side of freezing but I guess the upper air temps are too high? Fingers crossed for it to change but I can see where this is going 😕
  10. Convection is cruising on through though :(. I am impressed with how well I timed my alarm with the precipitation but dissapointed at what is falling so far.
  11. Temperature got down to -3.5°C earlier. Now it is up to -1.4°C with dewpoint of -1°C. We have rain, but it is slowly transitioning to something more wintery. The fact that it has started off as rain is surprising though.
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