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  1. Yeah they are all at it. Daily mail also has similar. While we cant rule a very cold winter out. Its silly to forecast it 3 months ahead! Winters cold.. Shock horror.
  2. Beast of a storm north of Gloucester! super black clouds. Lovely scud. Looks mean. Was driving so no photos
  3. Yeahhhh but you live next to the sunny coastline!. So yano.. Swings and Roundabouts and stuff..
  4. Gotta love Estofex. A level 1 was issued across parts of England and Wales for heavy rainfall, large hail and tornadoes. Modest instability will be available here, but rather strong widnd shear suggests that some well-organized low-topped storms may develop during the day, producing heavy rain. Any rotating updrafts will be able to sustain marginally large hail. In addition, the strong low-level shear suggests an isolated tornado cannot be ruled out.
  5. Wowza.. And thats the UK!.. Seems our storms are getting stronger when they do finally hit.
  6. Hadnt seen yours, well done All teh others seem to have missed the SE.. including estofex.
  7. Weird how it missed the areas marked on all storm warnings lol. classic UK
  8. Now thats interesting.. Building westward. Frequent sferics from it too...
  9. Holy cow, its pretty much constant rumbling with flashes every second or so!
  10. I mean,, birdlip is a good spot.. especially the lookout over gloucester and chelt
  11. I LIKE ... We have had some rain this afternoon, Nothing much. Its VERY windy, but clear currently.
  12. Now I am interested. Estofex are my Go to for warnings and are typically pretty damn spot. Now its got interesting!
  13. Or use wireless sharing and just connect all your devices to the one phone....
  14. Couple of photos from the storm that hit Gloucester yesterday.
  15. Two Cracks of thunder overhead. Fairly heavy rain (big juicy convective buggers)
  16. Whoohooooo First thunder of the year! Our little friend is also enjoying the storm!
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