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  1. quite a bit of convection round here. although im not expecting anything. Im wishing/hoping for a push further southwest for storms but i think im missing out today. still.. looks like there is potential up there!!! things can explode very quickly.
  2. Damn, these storms are slow moving. Ive had one rumbling away in my back yard now for about 2 hours! (not overhead though ? sadface. )
  3. Enormous rumble here in Gloucester and massive raindrops. Hasn't shown up on detectors. but its kicking off baby!
  4. Tell me about it ? So happy. Thunder is constant.. Probably 4 or 5 flashes every 10 seconds. Its insane. Not a huge amount of rain though.. Convective bastards but not "heavy"
  5. Constant lightning here. The rumbling doesnt even stop. Insane for round here.
  6. Strikes near me, apparently 0-10 miles away from Gloucester according to my handheld. Nice and early. Looks like some people are gonna be in for some fun!! Torro also chatty today.
  7. Id suggest not storm chasing unfortunately, could end up with a hefty fine ? - Id love to be out on the road, but really shouldnt.
  8. Looking good for the midlands / middle half of the country today. Potentially quite a soaking in places.
  9. Had to scrape ice off the screen this morning here in Gloucester. 1st of the year , 1st of this winter.
  10. Yeah they are all at it. Daily mail also has similar. While we cant rule a very cold winter out. Its silly to forecast it 3 months ahead! Winters cold.. Shock horror.
  11. Beast of a storm north of Gloucester! super black clouds. Lovely scud. Looks mean. Was driving so no photos ?
  12. Yeahhhh but you live next to the sunny coastline!. So yano.. Swings and Roundabouts and stuff..
  13. Gotta love Estofex. A level 1 was issued across parts of England and Wales for heavy rainfall, large hail and tornadoes. Modest instability will be available here, but rather strong widnd shear suggests that some well-organized low-topped storms may develop during the day, producing heavy rain. Any rotating updrafts will be able to sustain marginally large hail. In addition, the strong low-level shear suggests an isolated tornado cannot be ruled out.
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