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  1. While, not so extreme, they look very much like Undulatus Asperatus clouds. undulatus+asperatus+clouds - Google Search WWW.GOOGLE.COM
  2. Give it time. Thunderstorms are tricky beasts to predict, especially in situations like today where heating is required (rather than say a showery day after a low pressure system) Its not often you get storms this early in the day.
  3. First crack of thunder this year. Little bit of hail, moderate rain. Nothing fancy.
  4. Out of interest, has anyone seen any data / modelling in relation to the lack of aircraft in the air this year and cooler temps in the northern hem? I have a feeling its gonna get very cold later in the season due to the huge decrease in fossil fuel burning this whole year.
  5. If not already posted: TORRO SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WATCH 2020/008 A SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WATCH has been issued at 1050BST on Thusday 13th August 2020 Valid from/until: 1050-0600BST on Thursday 13th/Friday 14th August 2020 for the following regions of the United Kingdom & Ireland: The Midlands, E Anglia and S England Wales Southern Eire THREATS Hail to 20-30mm diamater; wind gusts to 50mph; frequent CG lightning; flash flooding; isolated tornadoes SYNOPSIS A very warm and humid airmass remains across the area, with several short-wav
  6. The 0z shows a lot of PPN in the southwest later. Somerset etc may be in for a lot of rain!
  7. My beepers going off. Strikes fairly close to Gloucestershire. Wow.. some beasts appearing now! Esp in Beds!!!
  8. A good sign considering its 10am 🙂 With some diurnal heating, im sure it will be insane later.
  9. We have it all here currently. Its raining, cloudy but sun is also shining and its misty. Just waiting for some snow. Annnndd now its strong sunshine but also very heavy raindrops lol
  10. still growing! South end of it is exploding and the sky here is insane!
  11. yeah, there is a storm NE of gloucester.. Probably at least 1 flash per second. maybe more. Constant rolling thunder.. Yet, it barely even registers on the detectors currently
  12. Lightning all every direction around me currently. Probably 2 to 3 flashes every second. Very distant rumbles.
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