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  1. Slightly disappointing as always with this weather. All models showed it push further north. Now i barely gets to us. Same as in the summer with storms. Grr. Lets hope the ECM pulls something out of its pants shortly.
  2. Gotta love the far FI. (And i mean FAR FAR!!!) Still. Looks like there is cold en route. More of a westerly shift of any of this and we could be in for a good run of cold with plenty of snow showers. Especially when pushing from the NW 🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺 WOOP
  3. I was born in Dec 81. Parents wont shut up about how cold it was, Nappies freezing, Drifts down the road, Kids having to walk up hill in 10ft snow both to and from school. Etc.
  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paragraph
  5. Booo Hisss Every year we beg for the heat to get the storms and for the most part, its been pretty bland. East seem to be doing well. Some very nice storms the last month or so. No so much for the west. I wonder if this weather pattern will hold into the winter? I mean, these kind of setups could bring us some very nice winter wonder. If it carried on as long as it has this summer, Maybe the country would be in a little bit of trouble. Lets hope it doesnt last too long aye? I do feel more acclimatised to the weather now.. Not sure about others? This heat was painful at the start but now its not so bad. Blood thinning? (is that a thing?) Anyway, just some random thoughts in a fairly dry spell weather wise.
  6. Well, We have had the heat. Not storms though. Been a fairly quiet summer round here. Going down south coat next Friday and the forecast was 6 hours of torrential thunderstorms up till about midnight last night where they vanished. Not a single drop of rain now lol. Gone from 30+mm to zero. Weather at the moment is crazy. West doesn't get a look in.
  7. I think if we all pretend that we dont want any rain or thunder then we may get some! The amount of times ive shouted at the sky "IS THAT ALL YOU GOT!?"
  8. Finally ! some water! No thunder yet though. Just torrential rain. (and that lovely smell) RAIN!!! Never been so excited for just some wet stuff! My garden is saved!
  9. I can only assume a large accumulation of dust, pollen and other crap over the last month of heat created it. My neighbours shed has an orange tint from the pollen so i guess mixing with water might create some nice soup.
  10. So, we have a storm warning and not many posts today. I guess its a no go today then lol.
  11. Ah damnit, Good game. Im not one for towel throwing but this seems game over for the orange warning areas. Ill be back if anything changes