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  1. The op and control are the most important runs though by far - probably the mean doesn't count for much here. I think we need to wait to after easter to look for proper warm now.
  2. https://www.meteociel.fr/modeles/archives/archives.php?day=25&month=4&year=1981&hour=12&type=ncep&map=0&type=ncep&region=&mode=0
  3. Crying bad losers here. U concede 4 consecutive 6s to a tail ender in the last over. U get what u deserve.
  4. Vile should have had an earlier penalty for handball IMHO, but I'm happy enough at the moment. Although I have no great love for West Ham (way too many loud 'leave it aaarrtt me old son!' East London overspill supporters where I live for that) Villa have stunk out the PL for too long now and need to go down to realise that the PL is not a right.
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