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  1. If I lived in Hull and flooded in 2007 I would be moving everything to safety . I'm sorry so much water has been dumped on you guys .. here in N.I. we are getting off light . I pray you make it to through without needing Noah . b.c.
  2. my blizzard may have disappeared .. but as I go to bed I can nearly smell snow . The fields around me are full of lambs only days old .. cold rain or wet snow may be deadly .. b.c. ps .. had showers of frozen rain this last 2 days .. unusual ..
  3. lol .. just as I thought .. greetings from Norn Ireland .. b.c.
  4. back again .. it's a rare day that I look at the forecast for Caledon and see a 48 hour blizzard (mon - wed) with temps down to a feels like -11'C . Snow total of @ 45cm expected with drifting . I haven't gone to bed and I;m not dreaming .. and it's not April fools 'till Sunday ! forecast from the 14 day from myweather2.com .. they run some good visual models but are ad heavy .. . the fields are barer than I can remember .. and cattle go out on Monday ??? b.c.
  5. looking like winter is back for a lot of us .. here N.Ireland is headed for 13th and 14th significant falls (locally) by the current gfs or ECM .. seems when the wind has been blowing toward us across the whole Arctic tor weeks the models do not perform well in the mid-term .. but wintery weather becomes our lot .. possibly a whole lot .. b.c.
  6. my world is now @ 50% snow covered .. and lots of it quite deep .. love the muffled crunch you feel when you walk in proper snow .. it's been a long time coming . The lane is still blocked .. my car is at the road end .. first spin today .. shall take a proper look around tomorrow . it's been great hearing about and seeing everyone's various experiences .. mine has been close to purrfect .
  7. funny .. drifts now to 4 ft 6'' .. and only a humble yellow warning here in S.Tyrone .. magic .. my brother has just been alerted to the situation .. he lives half a mile off the road .. and didn't notice what is happening . Oops !
  8. Need snow .. I need help .. lane blocked .. drifts to 2feet already .. 60cm .. glad I stocked up .. still snowing and blowing .. I haven't seen the sun other than glimpses thru snow .. temp risen a little closer to freezing . Reckon @ 4'' 10cm average .. but blowing off the fields .. fixing gaps in hedges today .. but had to build up a stock of firewood while I still could use the wheelbarrow . I seem to be getting just what I expected .. are you ? .. b.c.
  9. more driving snow and drifting .. just got the last cylinder of gas in Aughnacloy . Becoming the best here since 1982 .. Main road mostly white .. local road here already fun . Time for some blocks in the boot . Take care folks .. b.c.
  10. ECMWF850's .. we may be under a blanket of cold for 10 days .. and have more snow than you ever dreamed of ..
  11. as I'm being moderated can I ask who by and why ? lol .. this one gets posted without having been swallowed .. had written saying how good a white-out we had earlier .. and take a look at the ECMWF 850's .. low enough for a white Ireland for the next 10 days !!! b.c.
  12. fantastic white-out here for 10 minutes .. drifts a little deeper .. car no snow on top but both sides white .. but ..it's cold . Anyone trying to see a way to a prolonged wintery spell should look at this evenings ECMWF 850's .. remaining firmly in cold enough for snow over N. Ireland for the next 10 days .. I stocked up for my old mum yesterday .. there have been signs that this might last .. one forecast before the weekend gave 75 cm snow for Caledon in the next 10 days .. if it or tonight's come true .. b.c.
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