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  1. The recent low pressure along with the state of the Arctic Ice now has led me to the pessimistic vote of 2,900,000km2
  2. It would depend on the state of the Arctic ice by the time we get into the actual melt season for if it is badly cracked, then the ice is likely to melt out rapidly this year.
  3. Is it me or does the thickest ice of the Ice Pack appear to be on its way out to the Fram Strait. I apologize if this is just my poor observation of the graph.
  4. Just thought I'd bump this thread with an interesting worst case scenario that stems from a horrific abrupt methane release. http://killerinourmidst.com/ This is down to speculation and is very unlikely, but interesting all the same in the sense that it can relate to recent methane releases and is one that is down to probability and chance rather than climactic conditions. I assume present conditions are more than suitable for an apocalyptic methane release.
  5. I can agree with that. There is something strange however in certain models as there are models out there that don't show the Ice Loss to be quite as extreme. For example this graphic which was actually updated today.
  6. How early do you think the whole pact could melt out this season as a result? I ask this as the steep slope in which the Arctic Ice is declining looks to make it such that the Arctic Ice will cease to exist by late June.
  7. With the PETM carbon cycle topped on top of the amount of carbon in the atmosphere as a result of human activities, would that not turn earth into another Venus?
  8. I guess we may also forget about the whole earth seeing as we are already going to be cooked and since humanity can't do a thing to stop these changes from taking place, I guess the one thing it can do is to find a way to avoid the horrible death to come, should it draw dangerously near
  9. Shale gas developments, methane hydrate release, methane released from permafrost and CO2. Sounds almost like a Venus syndrome scenario here and that we may as well give up.
  10. It wouldn't be too surprising if it was too late to get greenhouse gasses under control, but if it did come to that, then its ultimately a death row scenario as people would wonder when the actual consequences would rear their ugly heads
  11. I wonder if everything could go to hell with regards the Arctic methane either this summer or some time in 2014.
  12. With the world as it is 1% loss of that reserve is the final nail on the coffin sending humanity straight to extinction.
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