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  1. yes its pretty hot here to in skeg them little bugs are a nightmare tho hope to get a repeat of last night standing on the beach watching lightning was pretty epic
  2. yes weve had it bad here in skeg this morning in a lull atm blizzards were mental aswell i even went 4 walk to the beach that wind is brutal
  3. its constant blizzard conditions here cant believe we wasnt under amber warning
  4. been decent here in skeg the last 24 hours on and off heavy snow showers all yesterday and today in a lull atm couple of blizzard like showers roads r lethal really cold out now never seen snow so heavy was proper whiteout
  5. Yeah settling in places bud weve actually not done bad this winter really nothing special but miles better than recent winters and if it all falls into place regarding ssw then a good old fashion north sea lake effect snow event would be cherry on top of a half decent winter cake
  6. And after the car you just woke up and dealt with what the day brought
  7. Had a few graupel showers earlier this afternoon for while and a heavy snow shower for bout an hour this afternoon as well temp is 1.3c Dewpoint is still good for snow at - 0.9c
  8. Yeah damn oh well I would be happy with light covering Dewpoint is - 1.8c temp 1.6c perfect for snow
  9. Temp is perfect for snow here now on East coast 1.6c and Dewpoint is - 0.8c just need some showers off north sea
  10. Couldn't agree more if chio is optimistic then so am I looking forward to a little teaser this week
  11. Dewpoints are starting to drop here on East Coast was between 2c and 3c most of the evening now dropping its - 0.3c now
  12. Its looking more likely to snow every day tho wouldn't worry about one run
  13. Yes not had a decent fall here since Feb 2012 had a decent snowfall in November this year and just had scraps this winter so far which is a lot better than some previous years and from NW to
  14. https://youtu.be/fj5HNnOPmGw who remembers this spell some of the uppers are mental like what were seeing now this spell was really cold
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