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  1. I give up everything keeps going round or dying out lol
  2. All showers missing me by not even a mile, and when a shower does come it's dies 😭😭😭
  3. Just had a shower go through it was like snow pellets.
  4. Bad end to the day went to check what's happening after work, then dropped and smashed my phone 📱😱😔
  5. So what time are we expecting the showers to get going?
  6. Yeah same soon as I finish I'll be straight on it 😂😂
  7. Hopefully something good will happen for when i finish work at midnight haha.
  8. Snowing very lightly here again ❄️🌨️😍
  9. Oh wow its amazing this morning white everywhere, even started snowing large flakes the fog was that dense 😍
  10. Gfs is correcting South a little 🙄🙈
  11. Thank god I go to North East America in 12 days for 2 weeks. Hopefully might have some luck then lol.
  12. I see the ecm writes thursday off? Doesn't surprise me.