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  1. Was the best storm i have seen for a while round here, was absolutely amazing. Especially the crackling thunder made my body tingle
  2. This was the best pic i got tonight in Bridlington absolute cracker of a storm broke out when i was about to give up haha. 1 strike even turned the towns lights off
  3. Im in east Yorkshire, will we get storms there later this afternoon or is the cap gonna stop this? Thanks
  4. So what's the deal for tomorrow, im in East Yorkshire. Hoping for a good show ?
  5. That would be amazing if further north I finish work 11pm that day ?
  6. Yeah it put on a little light show, the lightning has died off now though ??
  7. I just seen a flash from that and i live in Bridlington, was shocked haha.
  8. Some nice towers towards the seafront way in Bridlington east yorks, might have to take a walk haha.
  9. Yes was very borderline, I went for a little walk and it was snowing at the seafront. Still happy to see a little bit off snow ??️
  10. Had snow in Bridlington, only settled on cars i missed most of it cause I decided to sleep ???️
  11. Very very suprised even sleet down at sea level in Bridlington, mostly rain though There is now snow mixed in ?
  12. Anybody noticed the snowfall thats showing on Saturday night/ Sunday morning????
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