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  1. You seem to forget that you were new to the forum once and spent time looking for help, almost looking for an impartial forecast. Answers like yours do nothing to help those who, like yourself once was, are new the forum and looking for help trying to make sense of the ups and downs that we are seeing lately run to run in the models. People once had patience with you and all that is asked is that you pay back in kind.
  2. Thank you. I see what you mean now from looking at the charts you posted earlier. Really appreciate the help, thanks.
  3. Ok thanks for explaining. It makes a little more sense now. I wondered why people weren't posting the GFS Op run and making noises about there not being a reversal as I see most people posting shots of the GEFS ensembles.
  4. Sorry newbie question. Please can someone explain why on the one chart it shows a reversal of zonal mean winds and on the other it doesn't? Trying to think of why, but I just can't grasp it and it's been bugging me for a few days.
  5. Drifts reaching 2 foot now outside my front door
  6. 5” here in Barry now. Drifts well over a foot.
  7. I think down here in Barry we’ll see very little with regards to severe weather. Wind chill is quite severe at times but I doubt any snow will be more than a few hour event.
  8. Sorry for a newbie question. Just trying to get my head round the movement of the low and the resulting mild air pushing north. From a coldie perspective do we want the low to move further south and east into France or as is modelled and move north and east? thanks in advance
  9. Currently 5.5 C here in Barry. Wind mainly from SW
  10. Looking good for Barry and Cardiff in this latest one
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