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    i love the weather and what it throws at our tiny little island...come heatwaves or blizzards..we always talk about the weather in the uk ...so why not learn about why it is so diverse compared to the rest of the world.
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    heat and cold, storms and blizzards...zonal a no no

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  1. WOW !! thats certainly worth a straw clutch or three, i just hope something like that verifies.
  2. Hi BA, I don`t understand a great deal about the MJO, but looking at the current forecasts going into phase 7 and 8 , shouldn`t we be seeing some sort of HLB in the models by now instead of a raging PV as is been advertised. I do understand there is a lag effect to consider, so when do you expect , if at all, the phase 7 and 8 being picked up by the models? Is the WAA over Alaska into the pole something to do with it as well ? .
  3. I coudn`t agree with you more JS , its the timing , depth of pressure and placement that go on to make big differences later on. i could have posted all the charts for t144 for example and the differences are even much more diverse. i was merely illustrating that T120 is just about where FI begins. Cold Zonal is very much on the cards in one shape or form up to and probably beyond the weekend.. after that who knows if and where we see pressure rise when the downwelling crashes the party..
  4. Just putting T120 charts side by side , with 5 models ecm, gem, gfs, icon and ukmo , these are for this coming saturday.. Whopping differences at just 5 days away. Shannons not only in the room , she has pulled up a chair and slapped her feet on the table.
  5. Hmmm , now ukmo catching onto a scrussian ridge and GFS too, baby steps i know, but downwelling has to start to show up somewhere ? .... cant wait for the ECM now
  6. May be barking up the wrong tree but something that has caught my eye is the development of a strong Russian high and seemingly westward movement across towards Scandi. Is it possible this could retrogress even further west across the top of the deep Euro low ? Below are the EC anomaly charts from the 0z days 9 and 10 , maybe clutching at straws but it is also visible on the GEM ( very last frames ) and the GFS just before it goes into low res and flattens the high.
  7. Here the UKMO from yesterdays 00z , looks pretty dire with the low coming over the top of the ridge Yesterdays 12z slowed the low and held it long enough at the southern tip of Greenland long enough for the ridge to connect with the arctic ridge and again with this mornings 00z now at T120. So clearly UKMO had a bit of a wobble and how many times is it said in here that we need to see the UKMO on board . I cant really see the UKMO back-tracking to yesterdays 00z , specially after 2 good runs since then, i reckon it has already resolved the shortwave drama and the ECM
  8. Morning All. I get the sense there is a lot of happy chappies in here this morning and rightly so Im sure March 2018 will be remembered for a long time. Not too sure how active it is out in the North Sea from the image below , although plenty of lake snow effect still evident, hard to see if we will see anything as active as yesterday or rule out any surprises later today as uppers around -12 with an unstable atmosphere One things pretty obvious though, it looks very cloudy today so no or very little melting from the sun Heres the link https://www.meteo.be/meteo/v
  9. So , My take on tomorrow.. i seem to have done a Nick Sussex paint job lol .. but totally plausible . Ever get the feeling that Yorkshire will do bloody well this weekend
  10. Thats a nice pretty red blob showing up on the Icon for tomorrow.. heads through the region as well. maybe something, maybe nothing
  11. @julesyes they are... a bit confuzzling really as Thursday has the coldest uppers and a strengthening wind due to low pressure down south.. would have thought showers by then would be really pepped up and driven right over to west coast. I think the whole of the east side of England should be under an Amber. or maybe im expecting too much from a lake effect
  12. now an amber warning issued for thursday... north yorkshire only ...apart from north east as well .
  13. https://twitter.com/TheSnowDreamer/status/967729974240272385 ok , so i dont know how to copy and paste a tweet lol , yorkshire should not have any problems at all with a much longer sea track @sausage
  14. well i hope by the end of the week our lass wont be too inconvienienced putting the washing out in fact if she is really good i might even let her in
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