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  1. After witnessing 30 flakes fall here earlier and yh counted each one lol. Does seem as though this is the end for our Winter chances. It's been a pleasure fellow snow nutters, and we have witnessed some great snow falls and overall a memorable Winter. From tonight the mild air starts to move in and after what we have had the past week or so, next week will feel Tropical in comparison. Still a small chance of a Swansong but imo I think its over until Next Winter. Thankyou and stay safe guys and girls. 🌬❄🌬
  2. Few heavy snow showers passed through really quick leaving a dusting on all surfaces.
  3. Oh no the last minute swerve I know it well lol. Then watching if from a far cursing your luck lol. You should be hit soon looking at the radar.
  4. Some activity getting going in the North Sea now as showers start to pile in from the wash.
  5. Woke up to a covering of snow nothing major but still nice to see. Also noticed quite a few icicles forming and canal frozen over. So although disappointing snow amounts still enjoying this cold snap. Chance of a flurry today also and as we can see many Midlanders who missed out before have been in the lucky spot this time great to see.
  6. Its not our night mate there's literally a 10 mile gap we are stuck in. West brom, Tipton had heavy snow how on earth have we missed them all. Looks the same with the rest missing us by a few miles every time. Used all our luck up this morning I think. To the North of us might do well later.
  7. Wowww Tipton is like 5 minutes from me. Bone dry here tonight i think they are skipping Oldbury lol.
  8. Dry freezing night in store. Should be a real hard ground frost in the morning.
  9. Sun out now expecting drip drip soon. Nice while it lasted and now 4th snow event of the Winter. Countless days of falling snow and sure more showers to come this week. Then there is the breakdown wich is a big unknown at present.
  10. Snow just started here again leaving a top up on the snow earlier. Deffo more showers coming and they look to beefing up.
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