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  1. snowangel32

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Arpege and euro4 got this completely wrong. Looking at other regional threads cant see much snow anywhere. Complete non event.
  2. snowangel32

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Its raining heavy looks like a bust for me. On to the next one gd luck those further North and east
  3. snowangel32

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    We had a bit of light sleet here. Now bone dry. Looks like the front is further south than predicted.
  4. Hard to see all the models flipping bk again. They obvioudly underestimated the energy coming out of the eastern Seaboard and also those lows around greenland just stop any ridging. But as you say still 10 days away and i have been very nice this year lol.
  5. Looks like our Christmas miracle has gone. Hard not to feel despondent after the recent charts. Rule of thumb always seems to be wichever model dosent agree thats the right one. ECM never backed gfs so the signal was a false dawn. Lets hope we can get some strat action now as i feel we need it. The pv looks formed again and the Atlantic just wont run out of juice. Well onwards and upwards Coldies things can and will get better. Gd luck in the North today should see some decent snow.
  6. snowangel32

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    So all the models show snow for the Mids but MET and BBC say all Rain now. Its currently 1.5C. I cant see it snowing today we seem just on the wrong side of Marginal but hope i am wrong. Buxton i think could do well today.
  7. snowangel32

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Just looked at the Arpege and like you say the snow line is way more South and the mids could see some snow if it is correct. Met say rain, bbc say sleet. Who knows lol.
  8. snowangel32

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Ironic Shaky Met now say rain all the way through.
  9. snowangel32

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Only see it once and i was driving in Broad street it was like a ice skating rink. Seems the warning are more south today it looks to be the timing of the front to me already its moving slower than predicted.
  10. GFS 06z is a cracker. Slices through Greenland and would give us Coldies a White Christmas. Plzzz GFS Dont screw this one up. We need to EC move towards this tonight.
  11. Its toying with the idea though. Thats a few runs now wich build hieghts its just going to be where the ridge sets up shop
  12. Gfs 0z still very intresting as we get towards the big day builds significant block towards Greenland. We just need some cold uppers to tap into but after a few days of Atlantic driven weather it looks like colder air will make a return.
  13. snowangel32

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Yh shaky its reflected in bbc and Met forecasts also. One snow for about 5 hours the other 1hr then rain. Its going to be a nowcasting i feel as its on a knife edge.
  14. Sorry if i hurt your feelings it wasn't intentional. Will try to refrain myself in future okay. Now bk to models plz the hunt for Snow is on as its bloody freezing here so well and truly found the cold.
  15. Yh Midlands bk in the game. Although briefly but just happy to see some Snaw. Damm you More Snow i now love that word lol