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  1. So warnings out for most of the mids, especially The North and Central mids. Can see mainly wet and Met ironically have a rain fest. We shall see its tracked further South every run.
  2. Well you can add my Virtual towell to the pile of broken dreams, hype and promises. What this Winter has taught us all is background signals and expert forecasts mean nothing. Nature is its own thing that dosent follow a script. So next year if it shows mild and a heatwave expect blizzards and the next Ice age lol. Hope you all have an amazing Spring, Summer, Autumn. That's all folks until next Winter and the journey starts again.
  3. Dont look at the pics. Friend tweeted me and omg so much snow ??
  4. Yh Bolton lol. Bolton are the equivalent of this Winter. Terrible all season with one good day lol. But as a Villa fan I loved it lol. Models look dire, this Winter has been relegated in my memory. Let's hope next Winter is better. Seems a pattern now of bad winters.
  5. Seems like Deja vu again will it go North or South. It will go South but I think it will be rain for low ground anyway. But still alot of water under the bridge for Sunday
  6. The uppers seem alot more marginal this time and no deep cold in situ. But will probably be diffrent on the next run. But yh its a cert come Sunday that low will be in the channel
  7. Oh no by the time it comes it will end up in Cornwall. Who would have thought Cornwall the Snow Capital of the UK lol. Those greedy Southerners lol. Nah this one will be very marginal I think.
  8. Beautiful crisp winters day. The mild boredom comes next week. Even though we missed out it was still fun on here. Let's hope winter has one last hurrah. So until then take care evreone. ?
  9. Hey this thread is for the snowless poor suffering Midlanders. Nah its still good to see some areas have a good dumping. This year though has been very unlucky even now Show showers 20 miles to our East are just teasing us.
  10. Yh and now the wind has switched its comical really
  11. Glad the East mids are seeing snow now. But they won't make it past Birmingham. Birmingham is officially the most Snowless place this Winter.
  12. Lol i am taking it personal damm snow god is taking the jaffa cakes
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