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  1. Not seen many either where I live in Central Scotland. I’ve got at least 2 causing havoc in the house and when sitting with a beer out in the garden they always seem to find it 😂 Im thinking they are saving themselves up for the end of the month to bombard us.
  2. Been raining here in Larbert all day. 41.5mm so far and still not showing any signs of stopping. Meteo forecasting another 2 hours of rain at least. High so far at 16.8c and lowest of 10.9c Gusts at 33mph S.E
  3. Clouds starting to burn off in the Falkirk area, 19.3c and climbing steadily
  4. The rain to compliment the temps that day as well was horrendous 😬 Hopefully we can recover Summer through August and September, not asking for much after a terrible Summer so far in Central Scotland.
  5. I drove from Scotland to preston on Sunday July 5th and at 2pm near the Scottish border it was showing 8c! Felt like a January day.
  6. Just had 16.2mm of rain just outside Falkirk in a 10 minute reading at 4pm!
  7. Heatings been on for over a month, the joys of the metal framed house! Too warm upstairs and too cold downstairs
  8. Larbert, Falkirk currently 16.2c pressure at 1002mb and falling slowly Light drizzle at the moment Wind at 1mph from the south gusts of 10mph
  9. -1.7c here in Larbert, Falkirk. Car frosted over and the grass white too. 1st one of the season
  10. Winds are up and down just outside Falkirk. Pressure has been at 991mbar from 9:15pm
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