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  1. Got a relative humidity of 24% right now with a temperature of 7.3C and a dew point of -12.0C! Sunny now as it was this morning but for a couple of hours this afternoon there were a couple of heavy hail showers.
  2. Got up at 7.15 and it was raining. Over the next half an hour the rain gradually turned to sleet and then heavy snow. During the heavy snow, the temperature was 0.8C. That lasted just over an hour but it never looked like lying. The snow then turned lighter and it turned back to sleet as the temperature rose to 1.1C and it's now been like that for the last 45 minutes. A bit underwhelming given how heavy the snow was at around 8am.
  3. I'll very surprised to get any lying snow in Grangemouth. Will probably start off as heavy rain early on Wednesday night then gradually turn to sleet and wet snow later in the night and Thursday morning but will struggle to ly here
  4. Take a look at @BigJoeBastardi's Tweet: He can go a bit over the top but can't remember him posting about Scotland too much.
  5. Not sure what it's like across the rest of the country but here it is quite different from what was forecast. It was meant to stay cloudy with the temperature gradually increasing through this evening but it's been clear for the last 2 or 3 hours and that has allowed the temperature to plummet to 0.3C. In fact, the BBC website still says it should be 4C just now and that that should be the minimum, although it has changed its forecast to clear skies for the next couple of hours.
  6. http://www.raintoday.co.uk/ Is it just me that thinks the main band is a bit further west than was forecast? Could be good news for areas slightly further west in the central belt as long as the hills don't kill it, which they probably will, although like I said earlier a much smaller band managed to make its way through to here. Having said that though, after the snow shower earlier, the temperature dropped back to -0.8C, but now its risen again to -0.1C and the wind is increasing. Would be good to get a persistent band of snow with no marginality whatsoever.
  7. It was dry & clear with the temperature dropping to -1.3C but it has risen to -0.2C now as a fairly heavy snow shower has got going. Wasn't really expecting any more here. And given that this small band of snow has managed to move southwards over the Highlands into the middle of the central belt here in Grangemouth, does that not suggest that the more organised band overnight could do the same? I've watched many forecasts over the last couple of days and the only two that have mentioned it as a possibility was Christopher Blanchett at tea time yesterday and Sean Batty at tea time today alt
  8. I love it when I'm wrong. Heaviest snow shower yet right now and it's starting to lie
  9. Think there was a couple of snow showers during the night but didn't really lie although it was icy. Then had a snow shower just after 8 which gave a very slight dusting but that was gone by half 10. Another snow shower has just started now but the flakes are very small as they have been for all the showers that I've seen, so they have obviously weakened a lot as they have pushed west. Think this might be the last one of the day too before the wind turns more northerly and I get sheltered from the showers. Is there anyone near Clydebank who can tell me what it is like there? I have a a f
  10. A maximum of 1.4C yesterday and a minimum of -5.0C last night. Currently -4.6C and sunny
  11. I think the showers died away overnight but it became icy with a low of -0.7C. Had still only reached 0.0C when I left the house at half 9. Lovely clear, cold sunny morning.
  12. Pictures of the super moon last night when the skies cleared. The last one was taken from behind a window which is why there is a fainter moon beside the real thing.
  13. There was also a minimum of -2.5C in Grangemouth. I love cold, sunny, frosty mornings, although high cloud spreading in from the West.
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