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  1. If the low sinks quickly might be worth it in the end, but this GFS run isn't having that.
  2. First post in a while but this would not be ideal. Likely heavy rain for hours in the south with flooding likely.
  3. Absolutely insane charts for April, chance of some proper cold for many next weekend. While I am awaiting the warmer weather with restricitions being eased the chance of snow will top anything. Great to see to so many of you still in action!
  4. Crazy output for the end of March. Wouldn't mind seeing a flake during the weekend but either way will feel chilly.
  5. That UKMO 144 chart has dragged me back from hibernation. If the centre of pressure was over Iceland it would be a boom from me.
  6. To add to this post, 12z for the UKMO from the past two days. Already a good nudge SE here.
  7. UKMO is interesting just wish it had a little more stronger heights NE. Interesting that the models have found some more oomph in the Atlantic again.
  8. If you asked to describe an average cold spell, this would be it. Few days of light to moderate snowfall with the last day being the best because of two heavy snow showers which gave an east 5cm. I saw snow for hours here but it just wasn’t that heavy which was a shame but it helped keep the snow cover for longer. Storm Darcy was a let down, she arrived late and the cold took too long to undercut because of it. Still delivered but we had a few more hours of heavy rain than originally meant too. However it proves once again that models are pretty awful with convection. 6/10
  9. Pretty sure I was directly under that ted dot the radar, will post pictures soon!
  10. Comepletely amazed, I was ready to see out the snow for the most part. Everything here covered once again with a good few CMs.
  11. D10 ECM doesnt make it but its a start. Might have to rely on some Arctic heights which will probably cauase a bit of choas within the outputs. One final chase before we see out this strange winter?
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