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  1. Would only need a few adjustments to make it much more interesting however it offers something largely different to the ECM. So how much can you believe in it.
  2. Wouldn't be surprised if we saw Scandi height rises on this run. Never the less that's two GFS runs trying to build something to the west and slow the Atlantic down, let's hope it's onto something..
  3. Can't be a west -NAO if there is a chunk of the vortex there. But it's a lot of speculation off a chart at D16 so not worth taking much on however the vortex looks truly shattered.
  4. A Greenland block will do the same thing. And with that low dropping into eastern europe with very cold uppers it wouldn't take long.
  5. Best NH chart I've seen in a long time Two massive ridges straight into the pole!
  6. This weekend is likely to be a win some and you loose some. Anyone N and E of that band stands a chance with increased chance the further NE you travel.
  7. Just wanted to put into perspective what's happened over the past few days and how a D6 chart can change so much. Purples to the NW gone, bowling ball low elongated heading SE and a much better block. Changes are more dramatic on a D7 chart. Just food for thought when discussing this weekend and beyond..
  8. Much like last year an early snow event in December really does fill you with a little bit of Christmas spirit. Our Scandi block wasn't in vain however as it will put pressure on a already pressured vortex. Doubt it won't be long before we're chasing yet another cold spell.
  9. Defo a drop off towards the end. Might be worth placing Christmas day or Boxing day as the day for a pattern change to colder weather.
  10. The breakdown is what people are looking at. Chance of a snow event along the leading edge. It's what's being discussed quite a bit not very hard to miss..
  11. Finding it highly amusing that there are colder uppers in the middle of the Atlantic that too the east. That's the real bummer of this cold spell.