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  1. Perhaps it's best to avoid starting this conversation again @Easton Luna Boys...
  2. That's quite a dramatic turnaround there. Hopefully it's not on it's own in the 12zs
  3. No nothing to do with your mild prediction it's your attitude towards forecasting itself. There are plenty of people in here who have spent years learning and researching the drivers of the world to try and understand how are weather funtions where they then form a forecast. Then you come in say anything past day 6 isn't worth looking into because no one gets it right. Do you understand how rude that it is? You basically discredit those who work hard and base their forecast on actual science rather than a 'gut' feeling? At the end of the day it is just a forecast, a prediction, a estimate it's not solid facts that in 3 weeks time it looks like there might be some blocking around but from our current point of view it's the best bet and that's all we're trying to do is get the best idea of the future.
  4. Would only need a few adjustments to make it much more interesting however it offers something largely different to the ECM. So how much can you believe in it.
  5. Wouldn't be surprised if we saw Scandi height rises on this run. Never the less that's two GFS runs trying to build something to the west and slow the Atlantic down, let's hope it's onto something..
  6. Can't be a west -NAO if there is a chunk of the vortex there. But it's a lot of speculation off a chart at D16 so not worth taking much on however the vortex looks truly shattered.
  7. A Greenland block will do the same thing. And with that low dropping into eastern europe with very cold uppers it wouldn't take long.
  8. Best NH chart I've seen in a long time Two massive ridges straight into the pole!