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  1. Still snowing really was expecting rain maybe a little sleet seeing some big flakes.
  2. Pleasantly surprised at how long the cover has lasted. In these scenarios it's all gone by mid day!
  3. I work along the seafront. Not much but puddles and rain back at home just by the hospital it's been snowing heavily with some decent accumulations.
  4. I will tell right now my friend that we have a layer of snow. Not much but it's still coming down. BBC forecast still calls for heavy rain.
  5. That's me! Lamp post is a go.
  6. Looks V cold. If skies are clear we could see some intense frosts.
  7. I believe it was along the lines of a flatter regime up to the holiday season then at the turn of the new year pressure rises to the NE. GEFS is a bit fast with its transition.
  8. When it comes to Sliders N and E of the low is usually a good spot for snow, those S and W will receive cold rain.
  9. Last polar low I believe was in 2015 in Feb. Spawned of the West coast of Scotland and tracked SE.
  10. ECMGFS Not bad GFS still better colder air not as far south. ECM 12z Yesterday for reference. Massive improvements, could be it be a win for the GFS?
  11. Pocket of heights N/NE reminds me very much of January 2013.
  12. ECM is now offering a different evolution. Builds a ridge of us.