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  1. Just rained moderately here not a cloud in the sky, really odd.
  2. A few days ago this was looking to be a dry easterly, too far south and all that crap? Ended up too far north :'(
  3. I can see why it is easy to be disappointed when you compare our radar to those in the north. I would do unspeakable things to end up under one of those red showers.
  4. Oh no, I don't think I can do it all again!
  5. Been snowing for a few hours very fine but lots of it also drifting in the wind. Not bad
  6. Maybe for you but I had 8 inches. Of snow that is.
  7. Hello from next door, can someone confirm if ANYTHING is falling from the sky in the Portsmouth area. Trying to resolve whether the radar is playing with us. Thanks in Advanced.
  8. It's not set to it is a case of whether we can get convection kicking off creating showers extending east. Notice as it moves over the channel showery activity extends east from the band.
  9. Quite a turn around much like last night. I personally thought we would be done by Wednesday morning but it just doesn't stop!