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  1. Looks like Medway is out of the running again :( Good luck to the rest of you!
  2. That temps dropped fast, I went out for a smoke break at 2 it was almost warm enough to leave my jacket indoors, the wind is biting now
  3. Well I really thought I wouldn't update my sig this year. Shocked we saw some falling flakes at all! Been a very disappointing winter so far for me, my lack of NW activity over the season is a testament to how bad it has been!
  4. Well I didn’t think it would happen but the Medway Snow shield has broken! its mixed in with rain but it’s flakes!
  5. Looks good in FI, can it hold on though... Keeps pushing back everytime though which has been the problem all winter. Worth watching as always.
  6. Just realised how little I have posted this winter. If anything is a sign of a poor one for coldies!
  7. GFS shows the first big blobs of snow for here at +7 days. The first time the models have sucked me in this year...
  8. Definite growth continuing. If we compare now - To 2010 The way the ice has pushed south is very similar, and in fact snow itself has breached much further south overall. Though we are lacking the full Scandi cover we had then. Comparing to 18' While the snow looks amazing moving into Easter Europe (in fact we had some falling flakes here on this date in 2018) The ice looks much poorer.
  9. Well the smart money would have to say we won't get snow as early as last year! Only 1 day left to play!
  10. Sunspot activity still at 0 Snow and ice pushing further south than it has for many years. Models already showing tempting signs of snow... Something is brewing this year.
  11. Slight chance, very slight granted but a chance nonetheless we could see our first falling flakes this evening. I am enjoying this year!
  12. Both snow and ice pushing much deeper south than this point last year. 2018 - 2019 - Again we are still looking closer to 2010, in fact snow is more wholesale. I am starting to feel quite positive about this winter.
  13. Plenty wet out and about. Snow in Wales appeared on some relatives Facebook over the weekend. Jealous doesn't sum it up!
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