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  1. Well, I think we are done for snow for another year! Beautiful spring weather has sprung. Looking at my signature a slightly worse overall than last year in terms of falling snow, and a total cop-out for laying snow! But the chase, as always has been good fun. I make this my annual 'farewell till October' post! I shall check in at some point over the summer but for now folks, I am away to enjoy the sunshine! Till next years chase...
  2. I want to post this so any enterprising members can find it and quote it next winter when I’m moaning that winters over. This is proof that snow is more nowcast than anything. What a night this is!
  3. I’ll be honest. I’m 33 this year and it’s not snow till I drew a willy in it Ive just done it.
  4. The mod thread is a bit of a mess at the moment. Almost 50/50 split between northern block and an easterly against the jet winning and us getting an early spring.
  5. The models always struggle with these marginal type setups. They are nearly always bang on for us when the Easterly picks up as it is a clearer thing to look at.
  6. If anyone wants a good laugh the Apple weather app has gone completely mental. They are currently forecasting 10 hours of snow for Gillingham from 3pm
  7. There have been some real winners overnight, however, as much as I bit the excitement yesterday this has just turned into another occasion when a non-easterly event has been disappointing for Medway. Sadly I can't see anything in the short term that looks like a change, but I hold onto the fact that we had a week of time off due to snow last year in the first week of March! I am off to the mod thread to hunt Easterlies!
  8. Looks like some people have done very well though, and was nice to see flakes fall again!
  9. Just woke up, that’s a disappointing view out of the window...!
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