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  1. No excitement or comments with potential for tonight!? What's wrong with you all....
  2. 21.9c and very humid right now. 93% sunny spells
  3. Can't really say it was too spectacular here. Was flashes n bangs but no bolts that I saw. One good point was a flash happened above house and thunder was immense
  4. It's funny thy massively under estimated the storm potential last night. Isolated/scattered lol. I did however thought that the biggest storm risk was tonight!!???
  5. Saw a big flash of lightening from north leeds looking south east. But nothing since. Cooled down a lot but humid! Hope we catch some real storms!! Missed y'all
  6. Extremely grim here. Utter rubbish from the forecasters. Leeds will not reach 21 never mind 26/27. They have completely messed up this forecast. Shameful. 16c here and damp. This cloud off the sea has tended to spoil things quite a bit during what was a great spell of weather.
  7. They seem to have ramped that up somewhat and still been cautious so probably colder still. Lets just hope for the snow.
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